Angel...Andersonville,Tn. 2 months

Angel…Andersonville,Tn. 2 months


Hi, I got my Angel from Terry and Charlene. Couldn’t have been more pleased with how beautiful she was. Very smart baby came home crate trained, house broken, and well trained. So smart I forget she’s a dog. No heath issues at all, I can say you will not have to worry about getting a beautiful healthy baby from chapins standards. She is now 14 months old never one problem.  She came to us well behaved, spoiled, you can tell they take special care of there dogs and babies.  Angel weighed 53 pounds at 12 months.  And was 25 inches tall.  She’s a tall dark beautiful ANGEL…but she came from awesome people… they answer any concerns after you get their pups, they have always been there for me.  Plus they sent me home with my Angel and a bag of dog food, collar,and leash, heart wormer, flea treatments, toys, chew ropes, bag of treats, bowl, blanket, oh, water, roll of paper towels, plus cleaner.  That shows how much they care about their babies.  Plus ANGEL GETS HER OWN BIRTHDAY CARD from her first mom and dad….Thanks so much Terry and Charlene.




CUPID.....Treasure Island Fl.

CUPID…..Treasure Island Fl.


Cupid is a blue standard poodle male born 6/27/013.  At 14 months he weights 58 lbs. and is 27 inches tall.

Cupid is my best companion…he is a very loving sweet tempered dog that never leaves my side. He loves riding in the car, greeting clients at the office, taking hour long walks, and romping around at the dog park/dog beach.  He especially loves a crowd, and the crowd likes him too!!!  At the dog park/dog beach he can play gently with the toy dogs, play rough with the pit bulls and shepherds, and avoid fights with un-socialized dogs. Its the same with people. He knows which clients to roughhouse with and which clients to be aloof with.  At night, he can be very affectionate and will cuddle up to me and also sleeps in my bed.  He is also fine with the cats.  I do however, have issues with leaving Cupid alone.  When left alone, Cupid has issues with “separation anxiety” and at times has become depressed and withdrawn for several hours?

However, he is always okay by the next morning.  As a result, I rarely leave Cupid alone!!!

The bottom line is, Cupid is the best dog that I have ever owned!!!


Joey and Valerie…..Treasure Island, FL. 



Elaine & Nou Nou at home in Hong Kong.

Elaine & Nou Nou at home in Hong Kong.


Dear Terry and Charlene

I would like you to share my comments on Nou Nou who I bought from you last year.  She is such a wonderful kid to me.  Her loving character is just like a loving daughter she comes to kiss me and daddy every morning.  When I call her to come she must come.  She gets along so well with all my poodle kids.  Her hair especially is so fine and lovely.  It is firm and round shape and can easily be made with style. I gave her a teddy bear look.  She looks wonderful.  She is only one year 3 months old.  She is 27 in. tall at the shoulders. She is still growing. She likes to sit next to daddy when we are watching TV.  From time to time she came to us for hugging us.  What a nice poodle daughter we have.  Buying poodles it is nice to know her hair.  If hair texture can go firm.  Your poodle will look so beautiful.  Nou Nou is exactly like that.  So I thank Charlene and Terry giving me such a big nice poodle daughter Nou Nou to me.  I brought her back to Hong Kong.  We give 24 hour air condition so summer here is not a problem to her.  I am a responsible poodle owner as I guarantee they have good life before deciding to have them in my life.  I hope so as other future owners.  Having her fills up the heart of myself.  I feel so good.

Thank You Charlene and Terry again.

Elaine …Hong Kong



Maggie, Jill,and Molly In the Shanghai Parade.

Maggie, Jill,and Molly In the Shanghai Parade, in   Lewisburg, W.V.


We were very pleased with Terry & Charlene’s poodles and reputation as breeders.  We purchased Molly in November of 2013 and arrived at their home to find the entire home centered around all of their poodles. The poodles had their own inside living area and a great set-up for exterior shelter and fenced in area.  We could tell that Terry & Charlene love what they do and truly care.  “Molly” has a great temperament, loves to play, run and excellent ball player!  Molly loves people and plays well with other dogs. Our Molly loves kisses and hugs and she loves to cuddle.  Molly and Maggie  (our other standard) enjoy going to the Real Estate Office and especially love car rides!  We take them everywhere!

Terry and Charlene gave a nice departure package with everything you need and stay in touch along the way.  I would not hesitate to purchase another standard from Terry and Charlene. Molly is 24 inches tall and 45 pounds.

Jill and Greg…. Lewisburg WV.

Note: from Terry and Charlene,  Molly is not a royal or oversized poodle.  Molly is a perfect size large standard poodle.  Molly was going to stay here with us, she is a beautiful show quality standard poodle.  We were contacted by Jill and Greg and they said they did not want a 70 pound plus standard poodle.  When we met them they were so nice and kind we knew that Jill, Greg, and Maggie were the perfect fit for Molly.



Rod and Chance left...at 12 months. visiting Major( his father) on the right.

Rod and Chance left…at 12 months. visiting Major( his father) on the right.


Our male fifteen month old cream colored standard poodle’s name is Chance.  He has become a beloved member of our family.  Chance is beautiful and he knows it, but more importantly he is very loving and a lot of fun.  He is a great companion and likes to be included in all we do. Chance is very curious and when he tilts his head and looks at us we can actually see him “thinking” as he is very smart.  Chance rings the little bell we have hanging from the door to let us know when he wants to go outside, and then he stands up tall on his hind legs and paws at the door until he opens it and lets himself back in.  Our other standard poodle is a ten year old female named Martini, they have become great friends and he definitely keeps her young.

We feel that Chance was given the best possible start in life by Terry and Charlene.  Not only are they very knowledgeable about the breed but they are very warm and loving people.  We have enjoyed the photos they sent us and the birthday card we received on Chance’s first birthday.  We know we can count on Terry and Charlene to be there for us with advice and guidance.  We plan to purchase another puppy from them in the future.

Rod and Amy… Beachwood, Oh

Note: from Terry and Charlene,  Chance is a also a Royal he is 27 inches tall.



Abby... Bristolvill, OH at 15 months

Abby… Bristolvill, OH at 15 months.


Note: from Terry and Charlene:

Abby stayed with us at Chapins Standard Poodles. She is 27 inches tall at the withers and weighs 70+ pounds.  She is a large beautiful black female.   She loves to run and play with our other poodles.  She is a very sweet and loving girl.

Sky & Hannah

Our BEAUTIFUL SKY AND HIS SISTER DANCIN HANNA  are from Chapins AKC STANDARD POODLES…. Thank You …. Terry  Chapin and Charlene Hatfield for these two wonderful souls!!!  Sky… Our BLACK STANDARD POODLE: FIRST PLACE IN TEMPERAMENT, ROYAL SIZE, and Sense of Humor!!!

Thank You so much for entrusting me with your babies!! It’s apparent how much you guys love your dogs and want them to have happy lives with loving families!!!

Sara Jane… Knoxville, Tn.



Zorro...in the grandchild's car seat.

Zorro…in the grandchild’s car seat.


Zorro Joined our family in September 2013.  We were informed that the Chapin’s had a litter of puppies 3 – 4 days after the puppies were born.  We were sent pictures of the puppies very quickly.  Because we were one of the first to contact them we were given first pick.  My husband was insistent that he wanted the “biggest”  black male puppy, it was our Zorro.  The Chapin’s were great while we were waiting to get our little guy!  They called to make sure he arrived safely to Florida, and we talk to them every few months to let them know his progress and how he is doing, they have answered any questions that we have had.  We are very lucky Zorro had the Chapin’s as his first family.

Zorro did very well adjusting to our family, potty training was very easy, he knew the concept and we took him out very regularly.  He was a very good puppy.  Yes he gets into trouble but he’s a puppy!

Everyone he comes in contact with says what a great dog he is.  He likes to go boating, on car rides and his daily walks.  He is good at letting us know when someone arrives at our home.  He likes to play with his brother (a Jack Russell Terrier), when they play tug of war Zorro gets on his belly so he can play at his brothers level.  He loves to be by you and if you are standing, he is right there standing next to you (He has to touch you).

He is excellent with children: we have 3 grandchildren ages, 1, 3, and 4.  He has never been a threat to them, he gets excited when they come over and smothers them with love.

Zorro is currently 78.8 lbs. and is about the height of our kitchen table.  He was crate trained. He no longer sleeps in his crate at night.  He either sleeps in our bedroom or in our bed.  We still use a crate for him when we leave the house.  Sometimes he knows when we are leaving and will go get into his crate (and even shuts the door) without us even having to tell him.  We have left him out of his crate and left for a short time and he was fine.  Zorro doesn’t have a problem with separation , he is well adjusted.  I travel several times a year and he doesn’t have any problems while I am gone.  We took a weeks vacation this summer;  he spent the week at a relative’s house and was fine there while we were gone and when he came home. (Not the same for my Jack Russell)

We are so happy that we were able to find the exact puppy we were looking for.

Marty and Michele…Hudson Fl.



Winston at home in Lewisburg W.V.

Winston at home in Lewisburg W.V.



Dear Charlene and Terry, Winston is 85 lbs. and approx. 28 inches tall.  However, the most important fact about him is that he is rocking hot!!!!  From the first day that he entered our family he displayed all of the intelligence and loving  behavior that you both described.  You listened to what I wanted and picked a puppy that would exactly fit my needs.  I have had standard poodles for almost 45 years – all of my dogs were great.  Winston is the greatest!!!  I would like to add he is the only puppy that I have ever purchased sight unseen and I have no regrets.  If any future puppy owners would like to contact me with regard to my purchasing experience please do not hesitate to give them my name and phone number.  Again, thank you for allowing Winston to come into my life.

Sincerely  Judith

PS. Winston completed puppy class obedience 1, 2, 3 and CGC prior to his being 15 months old.

Judith….Lewisburg, WV.



Jaggar...16 months old

Jaggar…16 months old


Dear Charlene and Terry

I just wanted to update you on a year and the Life with Jaggar.  I had been looking for a Large Standard Poodle for almost 5 years ( preferably white ) I know what I like and I know  what I want in this breed.  One day I just took a chance and came across Charlene’s website and low and be hold I think I found one!  I gave them a call and they said they only had one left and he was Black, I wanted to see him anyway.  I loaded up the boys and we drove to meet with the Chapins.

Can I just say OMG!!!!!!!!! We pulled in and Sisco’s Major Hollywood, the father of Ace ( the puppy I was coming to see),  was MAGNIFICENT:  He was Stoic, Sturdy, very Masculine looking for a poodle, very well Manicured.   Just an Esquisite Standard Poodle that is what I saw.  Once I saw that, I had to see the puppy the only one left.  TaDah!!! Here he is ……………………………………Let me tell you it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!!!  No question about it Ace soon to be Jaggar is Mine.  He was an adorable jet black standard poodle baby with this most amazing face and eyes that speak to you.  They wrapped him up and gave me a goody bag and he was on his way to his forever HOME.  The next couple of weeks of him settling in he was so calm and took to his new home, where he has his crate, his bed, his toys (lots and Lots of toys) and treats ect…  We started grooming him and he absolutely loves going to get clipped and scissor by Precioes Paws ( Canfield, Oh.) every 2 – 3 weeks.  He is growing pretty fast.  We micro-chipped him and now he is running up to 3 miles  ever other day.  We put invisible fence up and we get a lot of people stopping in front of the house just to look at him.  He Loves car rides, loves his 4 cats and his favorite is Boomer they sleep together.  Currently Jaggar is 16 months old weighing 85 lbs. and 28 1/4 inches tall, YES he is a BIG BOY and We Love him!  Thank You Charlene and Terry he is an Amazing part of our FAMILY.


Missy, Tony, Tristan, Antonio…..Canfield,Oh.



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