Bella / Retired and Loving Life!


Bella was retired in Oct 2018.

Bella and her new Family

Bella is living in W.V. with Richard and Abby since she retired.

Judith and Winton visiting Abby, Richard, and Bella.

Bella has many new friends who sent amazing gift to her and her new family.

Bella and some of her friends that  she loves.

Bella and a couple of her new friends.

Bella overseeing the Wedding preparations to the Garden.

Bella has served as a Flower Girl in a friends Wedding!


Bella and all the Flower Girls in the Wedding!!

Bella And The Bride!!

Bella, Abby and Uncle Chris at the annual Artoctober Fest Street Fair.

Bella was a hit at the street fair, everyone wanted a picture with her.

Aunt Mariana dressed me up for a birthday party at dad’s work. I got to wear a pink hair braid, beads, and a CROWN!! How Cool Was that !!!

Aunt Mariana hugging Bella. Marlana’s Dog Maggie who is Bella’s BFF Bella loves Maggie and let’s Maggie Sleep in her pink bed and play with her toys.


Aunt Mariana and Uncle Joe decided Maggie needed a sister and I needed a new play mate so this is my new cousin. Her name is Pearl, but we all call her puppy especially when she pees on the rug.. She comes over and plays with me every day or two. And I have to chase her up and down the hall and all over the back yard. Oh and I have to protect my toys from her too…  Boy, I sure hope she comes over to annoy me again today!!!!!

Hi Grandma Charlene, How do you like my new sweater that Aunt Kathy knitted for me? I think it is pretty nice! Don’t You? Oh Yes very sporty!!!

Bella new do after her groomer opened from closing during the pandemic.


Thank You Abby and Bella for the beautiful pictures and updates on Bella and how she is adjusting to her new home!  !:-) Hugs to you!!!

Charlene & Terry

This update is being brought to You by Bella Vision!!

Bella has voted!!!! So Please Go out and Vote!!!!!

December 2021

Bella on her way home after her Spa Day!

I think she is feeling his heartbeat.  That, plus he smells of German shepherds

Gramma Char, momee an me ar driving hom frum the GRUMER. I think I am BOOTIFUL!  Hapy Nooo yer to yu an Granpa Terree
Luv Bela

Hapy nu yer granma char and granpa tere
Luv bela
Ps I yam redee for my cloz up

January 2022

Unkl RAWB is cleening my EERS. ohhh nooooo

All is forgiven!!

This was a couple of days ago…The Look is like something out of a soap opera. She loves him so much!!!