2014 New Owners


At 9 month old Wynter weighs 100 lbs. and 27 in. tall.

SEPT. 2015

Wynter had a wonderful birthday. First she got a bath which she loves then a long ride in the car. She rides with her pink sunglasses on and her head out the sunroof. More ppl have pics of her than I do!!!! She’s quite the star of hamden ct. Then a treat of doggie ice cream from a local ice cream parlour. She’s such a joy!!!!

Wynter is a Cream Female, Royal Standard Poodle…. Living in Hamden, Ct.


Wynter always seems to amaze me more. She has the run of my home now even when I’m at work and never does a bad thing she goes outside in my yard to do her business and comes back in when I tell her to come. I am moving soon and when I am settled I may even consider a mate for her. She is my life companion my kids have moved out and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Thank you thank you !


Wynter relaxing at home Sept. 2016.

Wynter relaxing at home March 2017.

May 3, 2017


 Just saying hello. Wynter is doing great.

Wynter August 2018.

I am so happy to read your positive message!!!! I will answer your questions with some pics later.  Have the best holidays possible, you will be in my positive thoughts. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful girl into our lives. My daughter was married on August 11th. Here is one of the wedding pictures!


Thank You for the beautiful picture of your daughter and Wynter on her special day!! Hugs to you and your family!!



Leroy at home with the girls, Jan. 2015.

Leroy Jan. 2015.

Leroy is a Cream Male, Royal Standard Poodle ….. Living in Oh.

Leroy absolutely loves to play in the snow.  Its hard to get him to sit still long enough to get a picture because he is so full of energy but that is a good thing in a house full of girls.

 Leroy is so very smart and sweet and the girls, Rob, and I love him dearly.

Leroy is so very smart and sweet and the girls, Rob, and I love him dearly.  Leroy is  now 75lbs. and  still growing 🙂


DEC. 25 2014

We have had an amazing Christmas Day!! The puppy is so sweet!! Ava is in love with her and I think she’s stole my husbands heart too!! Thank you for everything you did to get her to us!!

Merry Christmas,

Sophie is a Black Female  Standard Poodle…. Living in Wyoming.

 March 2016


Sophie is a sweet girl she adores the children. Sophie napping with one of the girls.

Sophie loves the snow, she is playing with one of the girls.


Sophie and the new baby,

Sophie and  her new member of the family, the new baby, Thank You, Lindsey for the beautiful pictures of Sophie and your growing family.

Feb 25,2017


We are doing great!! We love Sophie girl! She just took a road trip to Denver with us. She’s 26 inches tall at shoulders and about 53 pounds! I don’t think she’s as big as your other dogs!

She really has the best temperament with the kids and loves everyone!! Let me see what I have for pictures and I will send one over 😊


Thank You Lindsey for the update on Sophie and the beautiful picture. Sophie’s height is about the same as our other dogs.  She does not weigh quite as much as some of our other poodles.   Sophie is still considered a large poodle.  🙂


Onyx Christmas 2015. Thank you Suzie for the beautiful picture of Onyx.

Onyx  is now 75 pounds.  Christmas 2015. Thank you Suzie for the beautiful picture of Onyx.

 Onyx is a Black Male, Royal Standard Poodle… Living in Mich.

Jan. 4, 2015

Hi Charlene and Terry,
Here are some recent photos of Onyx…the big 41 plus pound pooch!
He enjoys the snow! He graduated from Petsmart’s Puppy training! He was the teacher’s favorite!
Thank you for your call last weekend.

Onyx christmas 2016 dressed in santa outfit. Onyx and his puppy friend relaxing with their bones.



Onyx relaxing at home in Michigan. These poodle just love to do what their humans do. 🙂


Jan. 23, 2015

We love our little darling and have named him TRUMAN. He is the picture of health and robust attitude in every way. He is a doll and promises to take his place in the world in no small way. He barks at deer and coyote like he was a big boy already. We are of course monitoring him carefully and he goes everywhere with us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Truman is a Cream Male, Royal Standard Poodle… Livinging in Wa.

Jan 2015

Hi great to hear from you both! Truman is a remarkable young boy …. So attached to family.. Comes and sits on commmand without training school yet. Amazing, funny boy. We love him to bits!!!! Goes to barn plays with big dogs and walks near big horses etc….fearless alpha boy. Also dreamboat. Fully up on shots and a full 46lbs!!!!



    Truman weighed 81lbs. on his 1st. birthday

Truman and Grandpa’s joint Birthday Party with the family. Truman on his first birthday. My father also turned 89 so together they made 90!

March 2016

Truman now weighs 95 lbs.



 Hello! Truman is so very sweet to people and other dogs and has been a devoted dog. We love him so much, especially our daughter, Harper, who adores him beyond words. He is currently 90 lbs and 28” at the shoulder. Enjoy the photos. ~Lucy 


Gus 2014 at home in Cal.

Gus 2014 at home in Cal.

Jan. 5, 2015

Hi Terry and Charlene,

Here is an update on Gus:

He now sits on a verbal or hand cue, goes down on verbal or hand cue, will sit up from a down with a verbal or hand cue. He will “watch” a treat until we say “release”. He comes and we are working on stay. Just started on shake hands (with the correct foot)! He will kiss on command and is doing real well with “don’t bite”. We are going on daily walks now and he is doing pretty good on heal. I have to remember that he is 3 1/2 month old and doesn’t have a huge attention span. We believe that he is potty trained. Hasn’t had any accidents in a couple of weeks and sits at the door or comes to get me. I thought about training him with a bell but haven’t as yet.
I’m sure you are glad that the holidays are over now. I saw the two pups you have left. They are both beautiful.

Gus is a Royal Standard Cream Male ….. Living in Ca.

Gus returning from a spa day.

Gus returning from a spa day. Feb. 2016


                   Gus weighs 68 lbs now and is 27″ high.

Ernie says he wouldn’t take a million dollars for Gus….and he means it! 🙂  I take him for a 2 to 3 mile walk every morning and Ernie throws the ball and frisbee every afternoon.

                              Gus’s  Commands

Sit – or extend your hand waist high palm up, verbal “sit” or point finger to outside of your eye or just mouth the word (no sound)

Down –Point your finger to the ground, raise you arm up in the air or mouth the word (no sound)

Stay – or palm towards his face (not sure with the other dogs around how long he will stay!

Watch – you can put food directly in front of him with this command and he won’t try to eat it until you say the word “release” – Handy for baiting or giving him his food

Leave it – will stop whatever he is getting into or sniffing or peeing – whatever

Turn – you can say “Turn right, left or about face” and he will turn around when on his is leash

Back – he will back up – useful when he has you pinned in a cramped place!

Don’t Beg – If you are eating in front of him just give him this command and he will leave you alone.

Stop – Will immediately stop walking or running

Come – Verbal “come” or extend arm then bring arm into chest

Shake – Verbal “shake” and he will shake ands with his right paw

Go get the newspaper – He will go get the newspaper and bring it to you

Line up – Put him on a stay. Walk away and then pat the side of your leg and say line up. He will come and sit at your side

Switch – He will walk on either side. Say switch and change the leash to your other hand behind your back

Tunnel – Point to the opening and he will go through an agility tunnel

High Five – Extend you hand, palm facing him about opposite his head. He will
“High Five” your hand

Heel – He will heel on your left. He will heel without a leash as well

About Face – He will turn 180 degrees and walk back the way he came

Left – He will turn left

Right – He will turn right

 MAY 2016


Camping and Fishing with Gus.




Gus and his new Alpaca friend.



**Gus Has passed his Gentle Agility Class!  🙂 Congratulation!!**


Charmer now Millie in Ne.

Charmer now Millie in Ne.

Hello Terry & Charlene, well our girl is doing great! Here is a picture, she is a natural beauty, I will take lots of pics over time. She continues to acclimate to our life here, loves the outdoors as we are having good weather, and is my buddy.  I did get her papers on Friday and thanks for the extra pic of Major….I think his pups look just like him!


Feb. 2016

Millie now weighs 70 plus pounds and is 27 in tall.

Millie is a Blue Abstract Female, Royal Standard Poodle…Living in Ne.

   Millie, April 2016.

Millie April 17, 2016.

           Millie is ready for her close up: April 17, 2016.

Millie October  2021

Hello Terry & Charlene

How are you guys…Terry I am thinking of you and hope you are well!  I  wanted to share these pictures I took of Millie today….a love of my life and as majestic, noble and loving as any Poodle ever!

My best, Jean




Diamond is a Cream Female, Standard poodle…. Living in  Evensville,


Merry Christmas, Charlene and Terry
Our girl has brought us so much joy and healing. She is just the sweetest! Diamond’s behavior seems to have transferred to her little Scottie sister Bella👍🏻. It’s so fun listening to the two of them “talk”!!
Diamond has quite an opinion on everything. We feel so blessed to have found you – responsible for our girl.
Have a blessed day. You have blessed our year!
Merry Christmas.
Hugs, Angela,David, Diamond and Bella Mia

May 2016

Hi Charlene and Terry,
Just a brief update on our girl. She was at “school” last night and, as usual, after a new command & one practice she nailed it!
She continues to amaze us every day. Her instructor wants us to take her “all the way” in school since she is such a sponge!! (Another college education to finance –hahaha.). She has not only been a blessing to us but her little sister Scottie,
Bella, as well. Bella, true to Scottie nature was not an especially social, lovable, “talkative” girl. Well now at times David & I have a hard time getting a word in with the two of them always speaking their minds!!! 😂. Diamond
has adapted to our road trip travels & actually if we have the tailgate of the SUV open she just hops in & won’t get out until we at least take her for a ride just around our subdivision!! Unbelievable! With her second birthday approaching I’ll send another update. Hope you both and family are well.


We have Champ at home with us at Chapin’s Standard Poodles. He is a large, beautiful, gentile boy, just like his father Major. Champ has learned the basics.. come, sit, down, and wait, leave it, take it.  We are working on stay. He likes to go on walks. And he loves to play ball or retrieve a rope toy that has been thrown. He plays well with our other poodles. Champ is very loving and a very sweet boy.

Champ being groomed 2015.

Champ being groomed 2015.

 Champ is a Cream Male, Royal Standard Poodle… Living in Bristolville, Oh.

Feb. 2016 

Champ Now weighs 70 plus pounds and is 27 in. Tall. 


Moon is a Cream Male, Royal Standard Poodle … Living in Ky.

Our MOON BOY is stunning. He has grown so nice…and so big! I was just thinking about you today and sending you heart felt gratitude… for your letting us have this beautiful boy. We all love him very much. He and our Opry were treated to baked chicken today…they loved it! And they ate it together like the intelligent-loving dogs they are.



Jasmine now LaBella  is living in Ne. with Toni and her family.

 Labella          March 2016.

Glad you like the pictures! Labella is 25.5 inches tall and weighs 48 lbs. She is really the joy of our life. She has alot more energy than Betty Grace had, but the kids are loving how she plays. She rides with my husband wherever he goes and she waits by the door if she senses he is leaving. She is very bright and knows how to sit, stay, shake, and a few other commands, and what’s amazing about that is that our son with downsyndome has taught her all of that! Those two are really connected! Thank you for such a wonderful gift! She is beautiful!


                                         MARCH 2016

 LaBella and the Children. March 2016.

LaBella and  her new Family.  Thank You Toni for the beautiful picture of LaBella and the children.

March 2016

Labella waiting at the door to go for a ride in the car.

Labella waiting at the door to go for a ride in the car.

Labella after her spa day. March, 2016.

Labella after her spa day. 



Chanel ready to go to her forever home. 

Chanel Sept.2016

 Sept.2016, Chanel at home relaxing in Ohio. 🙂

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