Major & Heather Born: Jan. 3, 2022 :

Heather & Major’s puppies were born on January 3rd 2022.


This litter has 1 Female and 2 Male Puppies.

All Puppies are Cream.

Heather’s Puppies at 2 Days old.

Heather and her Litter on their second day.

Puppies at 4 Days old below.

Heather and her Puppies at 4 Days old.

Heather and Char feeding the babies.

The puppies have decide to let me know they want more formula.

Heather & Major Puppies walking at 3 weeks old.

Sisco’s Major Hollywood measures 27 in at the shoulders and 90 plus pounds. Heather measures 26 in at the shoulders and is 80 plus pounds. This breeding is from Frozen Sperm. The breeding was done at ” Animal Clinic Northview, Inc.” by Dr Hutchison’s team. All Puppies from this litter are spoken for!