Royal Major & Royal Heather litter: Born: Jan. 3, 2022 :

Sisco’s Major Hollywood measures 27 in at the shoulders and 90 plus pounds. Major & Heather are both Royal Standard Poodles. Heather measures 26 in at the shoulders and is 80 plus pounds. This breeding is from Frozen Sperm. The breeding was done at ” Animal Clinic Northview, Inc.” by Dr Hutchison’s team. All Puppies from this litter are spoken for!

Heather & Major’s Puppies:

Arrived January 3rd 2022.


This litter has 1 Female and 2 Male Puppies.

All Puppies are Cream.

Heather’s Large Standard Puppies at 2 Days old.

Heather and her Litter on their second day.

Puppies at 4 Days old below.

Heather and her Large Standard Puppies

at 4 Days old.

Heather and Char feeding the babies.

Our large standard puppies have decide to let me know they want more formula.

Heather & Major Puppies walking at 3 weeks old.

The Royal Female

Murphy at 5 weeks old. SOLD!!

Murphy at 5 weeks old. SOLD!!

Murphy at 5 weeks old. SOLD!!

Murphy at 6 weeks old. SOLD!!

Murph at 7 week old. / Sold !!

Murphy weighs 14.6 pounds at 7 weeks.

Royal Standard Puppy, Murphy leaving for Home

with Marilyn, Dan and

Royal Standard Watson.
Watson is out of

Our Royal Flash & Bella’s 2015 Parti Litter.

Murphy weighs 17 lbs. at 8 weeks old.

Murphy on her way home to AR.

Murphy, Charlie and Watson

everyone adjusting well.

April 24th, 2022
Murphy update:

Murphy weighs 32 lbs as of last Monday.

Murphy loves to play outside

with her sister Charlie, and brother Watson.

Murphy seems to be the boss of our pack at this time, if Watson and Charlie are eating and Murphy barks at them. They stop eating and move away from the food and let her eat first. They know that she is the baby, and are spoiling her!! Lol!!

June 10th 2022: Update Murphy.

Murphy weights 45 lbs. she is really growing and very active. She is also stubborn, and hard headed. She is also very smart, probably why she is hard headed and stubborn. We love her. Thank you for our new baby.


July 15th 2022: Murphy update:

Murphy at 6 months old.

Murphy’s first big girl hair cut!

The Males :

Terminator Now Sam at 5 weeks old. SOLD !!

Terminator Now Sam at 5 weeks old. SOLD!!

Terminator Now Sam at 5 weeks old. SOLD !!

Sam at 6weeks old. SOLD!!

Sam at 7 weeks old. /Sold!!

Sam weighs 15.6 pounds at 7 week.

Sam and Katherine leaving for home!

Sam weighed 18.6 lbs. at 8 weeks old.

Sam at home in Ohio after his big boy hair cut!!

Sam Update: March 24th 2022.

Sam is really growing!

Sam March 31st 2022 updare:

Helllo!!! I just wanted to give you an update on Sam. He went to the vet today, in a bit under a month he has gained 10 pounds. He weighs 27.4 pounds. I thought Don was kidding when he told me.  He is incredibly active, sassy and relentless when pursuing something he wants. He refuses to go down steps. LOL. We have gotten him to go up the steps to the porch. His sits on command and is somewhat coming when called. Potty training is going okay. We had forgotten how many times you have to take a puppy out. 

Both Sam and Piper whine and cry at the door when the other is outside. They do not like being separated. IT is so cute. They get along really well.

We hope you both are well.

Talk to you soon, 

 Don and Katherine

Sam crying at the door for Piper to come back inside to play with him..

April 22, 2022

Sam & Piper playing Tug of War.

Piper is out of Flash and Heathers litter 2020.

Sam’s new hair cute: April 25th, 2022.

Sam is growing fast and looking very handsome.

April 27,2022

Goodness, Sam went to the vet today. He weighs a whopping 41.6 pounds. No wonder I can barely pick him up!

As you can see: Sam Loves his big sister Piper!!!❣️

Piper and Sam letting each other know they missed each other while Sam got groomed!! 

June 2022: Sam update.

Sam at 5 months old. Piper at 2 years old.

July 5th 2022: Update Sam.

Good Morning!!! Just wanted to give you an update on Sam, I will send pictures later. Don took him to the vet to get weighed for his medication and he weighs 64.2 pounds at 6 months. He has gained over 20 pounds in 2 months. He cracks us up. He can be so darn lazy. If he is laying down he will NOT get up when you call him. During one of his training sessions he plopped down and refused to do anything. I gave him a bath last night , he wouldn’t stand up in the tub he just laid down. He is a hoot!! He and Piper get along very well , he will run outside in the yard. We just finished putting a fence up so the dogs can run around and play. Hope all is well with the two of you. We are doing good. Just so much going on with vacation, company and spending time with the grandkids.

July 15th 2022: update Sam.

Sam got groomed today and Piper will go next week and get the same cut. They have had a good summer so far. They will be going camping with us in September. I am thinking we may be nuts to take both! Hope you are well. Katherine and Don

August 7, 2022: Update Sam.

Just a couple pictures of

Piper, Sam & Walter.

Walter comes to play all the time.🐩💕

Aug.24, 2022: Update Sam

Don and I are doing great, the dogs are doing wonderful. Sam weighs 71.4 pounds and is so sweet. Piper runs 60-62 pounds and is a sweetheart too. We hope you both a doing well. 


Our handsome Large Standards,

Sam and Piper ready to go boating with their faces trimmed.

January 2023: Update Sam & Piper.


 I sent a couple of pictures of Sam and Piper to your email from my phone. Let me know if you get them. They are both doing very well. Piper has finished up Reactive classes. They both love snuffle mats to hunt for food,and bones. They LOVE to chew bones. Piper loves balls and always has one in her mouth or she freezes and stares at one until you throw it. Sam is loving but a bit more standoffish. He loves to get petted and scratched. He is extremely tolerant of getting combed and brushed. 

We hope you are both doing well.

Talk to you soon, Katherine and Don

Equalizer: Now Remi

Equalizer now Remi at 5 weeks old. SOLD !!

Equalizer now Remi at 5 week old. SOLD !!

Equalizer at 5 weeks old. SOLD !!

Remi at 6 weeks old. SOLD!!

Remi at 7 weeks old. / Sold

Remi weighs 16 pounds at 7 weeks old.

Sharon and Royal Remi leaving for home.

Remi weighed 19.8lbs at 8 weeks old.

Remi at his new home in Florida.

Remi update: March 24th 2022.

Remi is a large standard poodle.

He is growing in leaps and Bounds!!

He is a happy boy.❣️

Update Remi: April 3rd. 2022.
Hope you and Terry are doing well!  Remi is a perfect pup, sometimes a little sassy in the mornings with all the puppy energy.  He jumps at me trying to grab my clothes ( we’re working on it 😆). But everything else is fine here.

Good morning 
Remi weighs 30# at 13 weeks!
I decided on Heartgard  for his protection, it’s been around the longest and is supposedly the gold standard for heart worm.
Remi is super smart and I couldn’t be happier, Thank you once again for entrusting me with one of Major’s pups!

April 2022: Update Remi.

Remi will be a Royal Standard

He now weighs 36 lbs.

May 8, 2022: Happy Mother’s Day

from Remi and Sharon.

June 2022:

Update Large Standard Remi at 5 months.

Hi Terry and Charlene 
Well tomorrow Remi will be 5 months old!
I’m very proud of him and he is developing into a beautiful Poodle.  I know he is about 23” at the shoulder and I don’t know how much he weighs.  Hope all is well with you and enjoy the photos!

July 27th 2022: Update Remi.

Hi Charlene and Terry 
Look who finally got his Big boy haircut!
He’s turning into a handsome young man 🐩
I’ll send you his weight at 7 months old 
Hope your summer is safe and happy 

August 1,2022: Update.

Remi is a Royal Standard Poodle Puppy.

Remi weighs 68 pounds 2 days shy of being 7 months old!  He’s finally getting rid of the stubbornness and wants to please me when I ask something from him. (YEAH )
All in all he is a very good pup!


January 2023: Update Remi.

Here’s my guard dog 😆
He loves to see what’s going on outside, Remi has filled in nicely and of course just had his first birthday!  I don’t know how much he weighs but as soon as I do I will let you know and send more pictures.