Flash & Lola’s Litter : Has arrived: Feb. 2022.

Flash and Lola’s litter is here!! Flash is 27 in. at the withers and he weighs 75lbs. Lola is 27in. at the withers and she weighs 75lbs. Their puppies could be black or cream, white or Parti black and white or abstract in color. These puppies should be large in size. We have done a sonogram to confirm Lola’s pregnancy. And we have a wait list at this time.

Lola & Flash’s Royal Standard Poodle Puppies At 36 hrs. old

Puppies on the left are males. Puppies on the right are females.

Lola had 3 Males and 3 Females. These puppies were very large at birth.

Another picture of the Puppies at 36 hrs old.

Flash & Lola’s Puppies at 1 week old.

Puppies at 1 week: they are all about 2 lbs.

Lola and Puppies at 11 days old.

The Males:

Champaign Male at 3 weeks old. SOLD!!

Champaign Male now DJ at 5 weeks.


JD at 6 weeks old.

JD weighs 9.8 pounds at 6 weeks.

Jd at 6 weeks old.

April 13th 2022:

JD& his New Dad Jeff and Brother Griffin.

JD at 9 weeks with new Family members.


May 1st, 2022: Update JD

JD is doing great !!

He’s amazing !!

June 19th 2022: Update JD

JD is amazing so sweet and lovable he’s getting big 36 pounds and growing he loves his cousin Wesley they are best friends and my sons love JD they want him all of the time but so do I.


JD and Wesley playing & wrestling at the park.

JD and Wesley after puppy wresling in the park.


Doc now Larry at 3 weeks old. SOLD !!

Larry at 5 weeks old.


Larry at 6 weeks old.

Larry weighs 10.7 pounds at 6 weeks.

Larry at 11 weeks.

Larry weighs 20.1 lbs.

Larry knows his sit command.

Larry knows his come command.

April 30, 2022: LARRY AT 13 WEEKS .

Larry weighs 25 lbs now.

April 30, 2022

Larry left with Brandy from “Coast 2 Coast Transport” for his New Home in Ga.

May 3rd 2022

Larry and his New Family

Don’t ever worry if Larry living like a dog or a person he won’t know he’s a dog soon ,yes we spoil them and don’t mind at all!

Clients always ask if my dogs sleep in the bed…I say if it was big enuf so would the 3 horses we have too😄

I’ll keep ya posted dear thnx for letting us be the ones that got him we are honored.

Larry has a new poodle sister named Alice ( red) and new poodle brother named phil (white) and a new shih zhu sister named Lolly.

Pictures Courtesy of Max Larry’s new Father.

May 8,2022 : Larry at Horse Show.

Happy Mother’s Day

May 2022: Update Larry

June 2022 :Larry & Family.

June 15th 2022

In case your wondering how Larry is doing? He has made it back to the bed, daily!! Lol! 💞 see below.

Larry & Mom getting some Cuddle time.

Walter at 3 weeks old. SOLD !!

Walter at 5 weeks old.


Walter at 6 weeks old.

Walter weighs 9.5 pounds at 6 weeks.

Walter and his new Parents.

Walter weighs 13.4 lbs at 8 weeks old.

Walter with his forever family in Ohio.

Hello Charlene and Terry, 
Just wanted to let you know Walter is doing great! He loves to follow joe and I around everywhere. His first night in his kennel was a little rough so we’re getting him used to it. He has been doing great! And we will send more updates soon! 
Thank you, 
Joe and Meghan

Walter update: 4/10/22

Hello Charlene and Terry,
Just wanted to give you guys an update on Walter! He loves to play in our backyard and play with sticks and leaves! We have a ton of trees in our backyard. He loves to hangout around Joe and I and is doing great with potty training! He loves to play in the morning and then right before bed. He is very sweet and loving. He loves to hangout on the couch and nap when Joe and I watch a movie. We love him so so much already and can’t wait to see how he grows up!
Thanks again, 
Meghan and Joe 

Walter April 17, 2022.

May 1st. 2022: update Walter.


Walter is great he now weighs 22lbs. Which is crazy since he still looks so little! He is great he is going to the bathroom outside and loves to play with sticks! 
Have a great day! 
Meghan and Joe 

Walter is only 2 1/2 lbs. lighter in weight than Larry and Kena. He is not so littel. 🐩💞

Compared to Sam, who is a month older and 42 lbs. he will absolutely looked smaller. He will get there!😊

May 2022: Walter.

Just wanted to give you guys an update on Walter! He went to the vet for his final round of shots on Wednesday and he weighed in at 31 lbs. he does great with sit and down! We are still working on potty training but he mostly has the hang of it. His favorite toys are Disney toys and any sort of stick! He loves to break the sticks in his mouth then spit it out and find another stick to break. He loves to hangout with Joe and I and loves to follow us around. Joe and I recently got our photos for our engagement done and Walter was a little ham for the camera! I also included a video of Walter and Sam playing so you can see the size difference! Walter also loves to go to the local park and go down the slides! Walter is the perfect dog thank you so much for Walter! 
Thank you so much,
Meghan and Joe

The Females:

Gabby at 3 weeks old. SOLD!!

Gabby at 5 weeks.


Gabby at 6 weeks old.

Gabby weighs 9.8 pounds at 6 weeks.

Gabby with her forever Family:

Gabby weighs 16.4 lbs. at 9 weeks old.

Mitchell, Barbara & Gabby:

Gabby at home with her forever Family.

Update on Gabby: April 19th 2022

Gabby is keeping us busy.  She is learning every day.  She is very much a playful puppy but can be very calm as well.  House training will take a bit of time to resolve but she is doing better every day and the fact that she sleeps through the night has been great.  

Gabby has taken to the city very well – aware of everything around her but not overly reactive to typical things a puppy might find challenging … city traffic (e.g., ambulance sirens, the occasional big truck). 

I though you might enjoy seeing a recent picture of Gabby.  She is cute as ever.  

June 19th 2022: Update Gabby.

Gabby is doing very well.  She is still a love bug!  She is very sociable so has lots of dog and people friends in the neighborhood.  It’s surprising how many people call her out by name during her walks!  Not to mention how many compliments she gets.  What can I say she has “Star Quality”.  Gabby gets plenty of exercise and has a very healthy appetite.  She just loves going to the park.  She is currently 41 lbs.   Overall, she has adjusted very well.  
We hope you and Terry and doing well and enjoying the start of summer.  We have been checking your website for updates on Gabby’s siblings and so saw your announcement about breeding Lola with Flash this month.  We look forward to seeing pictures of those pups!

Parti Girl at 3 weeks old. SOLD!!

Parti Girl now Kena at 5 weeks.


Kena at 6 weeks old.

Kena weighs 10.3 pounds at 6 weeks.

Kena at 11 weeks.

Kena weighs 19.1 lbs.

Kena knows her sit command.

Kena knows her come command.

Kena is working on her wait command.

Kena and Larry at 11 weeks old. Kena and Larry love to play keep away, ball, and chase each other when they have play time in the kitchen.

Kena weighs 25lbs now.

April 30,2022: Kena at 13 weeks old.

April 30,2022

Kena left with Brandy from “Coast 2 Coast Transport “ for her New Home in N.J.

May 1st 2022: Update Kena.

Pictures of Kena & Debra courtesy of Brandy Coast 2 Coast Transport.

Kena and her New Mother Debra meet.

Oh my!!  Kena is magnificent!!  And, just as you said, she is prettier in person, and such a sweet and loving girl!!  I am over the moon knowing that she is mine, and I thank you ever so much for breeding, and then offering , this “perfect” girl to me!  As far as I am concerned, her breeding and upbringing are of the highest quality and I applaud your discerning choices of the same.

When she arrived here, she came out of her crate wagging her tail and then gave me lots of kisses.  I took her right out back and she proceeded to go directly over to the turf area to potty.  I spent some quiet time with her and then introduced her to her “sisters,” one at a time. Please see attached photos.   Amazing, but she and Kona (black and white) bonded immediately and Kona was very gentle with her. Kili (silver and white – therapy dog) and Kaya (red) were so cute with her, also.  As the day wore on, Kena  engaged Quinn, our 2 year old 5 lb white toy, and they were adorable playing together.  Kena is actually very gentle with Quinn.

Thank you very much, also, for all our goodies that arrived with Kena!  Very helpful indeed.

All in all, I think we had a very successful meeting and first day.  She is an adorable and wonderful girl and she will be cherished.  

Kena meeting her new Sisters.

Pictures below are courtesy of Debra. Kena new Mother.

Kena and Kona meeting

Kena meeting Kili.


Kena meeting Quinn.

Hi –  I took Kena to my vet today and the vet could not get over how beautiful, sweet and big Kena is!  All was great. Kena has been doing very well with pottying outside.  No accidents!  She can go up the steps on the deck, but still needs to be carried down.  😊  My achin’ back!  Every day I sit with her to teach her how to go down.  She will get it when she is ready. She is a wonderful girl and we love her very much!!!

Best puppy ever!!!

May 9, 2022: Update Kena

Happy Mother’s Day.

May 2022 : Kena Memorial Day.

Everything is wonderful here.  Kena is definitely meeting and exceeding my expectations.  I thank my lucky stars every day that you gave me the opportunity to give this girl her home!

Been meaning to ask – can you please tell me again where you get the huge knuckle bones and what they are…cow?  I know you said you let your big dogs work on the bones before giving them to the puppies.  All my girls love that bone!!

And thank you again for all the goodies you sent here with Kena.  I have put each and every one to very good use.  Kena travels with the blanket you sent.

Kena stands 19″ last time I measured and she weighs 26 lbs. 😍

June 2022: Kena Update.

Here are a few pics of Kena from yesterday with all of her sisters.  Little red poodle on the chair is my son and family’s girl – we are babysitting.  I got all 7 poodles to cooperate for a group picture, and Kena was excellent and acted like she has been posing like this for years!!

Panther now Sweetie at 3 weeks old. SOLD !!

Sweetie at 5 weeks.


Sweetie at 6 weeks old.

Sweetie weighs 8.4 pounds at 6 weeks.

Sweetie at 9 weeks.

Sweetie weighs 13.6lbs. at 9 weeks

April 9th 2022: update Sweetie

 Sweetie did really good today. She loves the kids and Charlie. The kids have been practicing sitting and shaking with her.  Charlie is not thrilled, but he will come around. I just put her in her cage for the night and she cried for about two minutes. She is completely silent now. She didn’t eat or drink much today. I am sure she will be ready to eat in the morning though. 


April 11th, 2022.

Sweetie had her check up today. The vet said that she is very healthy. She is doing really well. She is already learning to go to the bathroom in the woods. She had no accidents in the house today. Charlie was really upset when we brought her home, but he seems to be coming around now. He is enjoying all the treats he is getting while we are training sweetie. 

Sweetie update: April 25th 2022.

Sweetie and Charlie are in love with each other.  They play all of the time and cuttle.  He really likes it when she chases him around the house and yard.  Charlie was upset when we first brought her home, but it didn’t take long for him to come around.  


Charlie is from Flash & Heathers litter 2020.

Sweetie and her big brother Charlie playing together at home in Ohio.

April 29,2022: Update Sweetie.

Sweetie and Charlie her big brother are inseparable!! OMG !! How cute!!