Flash & Heather – All puppies placed!!


Heather & 10 puppies at 3 days old.

 Flash & Heathers puppies at 3 weeks old.

At three weeks old all of the puppies in this litter have wonderful temperaments and are very sweet and loving.

The 5 Females:

Presenting Kasey Now Piper! / SOLD!

Piper at 5 weeks old. Piper is SOLD!

Piper at 5 weeks old. Piper is SOLD!!

      Piper at 9 weeks old going home with her new Family.

Hello Charlene and Terry. We wanted to let you know how Piper is doing at home, she is one tired puppy!! We had her playing on our porch ( we have a big wrap around porch) and she is wiped out. It was hilarious to watch her figure out the door, she really wasnt sure at all about going in or out of the door. She is cautiously checking out the house, She really hasnt been interested in eating but we expected that. She is drinking water though. We appreciate all the information you gave us today.  We are excited to be on the list for the Sisco puppy next year , thank you for that information. We will keep you updated and we will learn to upload pictures on the computer for you!  Katherine and Don

Thank you for the update on Piper.

Terry & Charlene

Piper is settling in beautifully. She had her first vet appointment on Wednesday and he said she is a wonderful puppy. She is confident, not shy, love people and other animals. The vet loved her. We love her so much. She has been everything we hoped for. We can really tell you worked hard with her before she even came to us. She does not mind her feet being touched, and she just is overall well adjusted. We will continue to let you know how she is doing and send pictures. Thank you, Don and Katherine

July 10 th 2020

July 18th 2020

We took  her to our groomer the other day and she looks even better. Today she had a playdate with Baxter. Christine brought him over and we let them play about 30 minutes. It went well. IT was interesting it appeared they had no idea they had been littermates. She is such a good dog. She is so sweet.

July 23rd 2020

Piper just went to the vet and has gained over 6 lbs in 2 weeks . She weighs almost 22lbs. The vet said she is a really good dog and if she ever shows up missing don’t look at his house!! She has started puppy manners class . She is doing fantastic. Thank you again for such a wonderful Puppy. Don and Kathy


July 27th 2020

Charlene, thanks for letting me know you had received the pictures. Piper had puppy manners class tonight. She is doing well in the class. She does great with the training, she was somewhat hesitant with the other puppies. Please continue to take good care of yourself and dont over do it! Kathy



December 12, 2021

We hope you had a Merry Christmas. As you can see Piper was wiped out from Christmas. She got a sweater from one of our kids. She was so good when everyone was here on Christmas Day. It was about 30 people. Hope all is well ! Don and Katherine



                                Piper update: March 24th 2022


 April 25th, 2022 : Piper and her younger brother Sam. Sam is out of Our Major & Heather  Jan. 2022 Litter.


Piper is letting Sam know how much she missed him when he was at the groomers !! ❣️


Piper update June 2022

Piper at 2 years and Sam at 5 months old.


August 7, 2022: Update Piper.




Piper, Sam, & Walter all chapins 

Megan at 3 weeks.

Megan at 5 weeks old. She is SOLD!!

Megan at 5 weeks old. She is SOLD!!


Thank you.and thank you again for Megan. She’s absolutely adorable and doing very well. She so well adjusted. Not afraid of the vacuum or much of anything that I can see. She and other poodle play so cute together. 

 Megan at home.

She’s such a smart little pup. She’s already retrieving a toy and bringing it back to me. She knows the word “NO” and sleep thru the night. Well at 2 she woke me and I took her out but then she slept till 6. She started to whine when I put her in the kennel for bed but I put a towel over the door and told her NOoooo, and she stopped. I’m very impressed. Thank you.


Presenting Tiffiny is now Roxann / SOLD!

Tiffiny at 5 weeks old. She is SOLD !

Tiffiny at 5 weeks old. She is SOLD!

 Richard, Roxann and her new family headed home to N.J.

Hi Charlene and Terry

Roxanne is a true road 🐕. She did great on the trip.


Roxann sleeping on her trip home.


Thank You Richard, for the update on Roxanne and how she did on her long ride home.

Terry & Charlene

July 21st 2020

Hi Charlene.


Roxy did great at the vet 13.2lbs and thriving. She’s such a blessing to have at home. What a beautiful little girl. Can’t thank you and Terri enough.

God Speed on your surgery,and hope the rest of your summer is uneventfull. Stay safe.


Hi Charlene& Terry

Quick update!

Roxy is beautiful , healthy and Thriving.

Can’t thank you enough for this bundle of love,she brings joy and happiness to my family.

Hope you and Terry are well.


Roxy November 1 2020

Hi Charlene,

Roxy is doing fantastic at 6 months. She’s a beautiful pup.

Roxy is 52 lbs and 24″at the shoulders. She  is a long beautiful pup!


Hi Charlene and Terry,

Roxy met my niece, Anne.

Roxy is so gentle and Loving.

Stay Well


Anne & Roxy Kitchem
Anne & Roxy Playing

Roxy at a year old. Happy Birthday Roxy 🙂 !!

Roxy at one year old

July 14, 2021

Roxy loves the couch and a big window ..hmm looks familiar. Peace


0b557a37-7119-4b04-9c81-954895f9cf12Roxy window

December 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Much Health in the coming Year



Happy 2nd Birthday Roxy! April 25, 2022:


Good morning Charlene and Terri
Roxy turned 2 yesterday
She is a beautiful smart little lady.
Hope all is well



August 25,2022.


Wow, You and Terri have breed so many beautiful  puppies ( I know first hand) in the past.

You have a lot to be proud of, you’ve impacted people’s lives with your pups, in a good way. The kindness and unconditional love that they bring into a family is life changing.

  • Thank you.

It is a lot of work for both of you

I’m glad I got to be a small part of it.

Roxy is the best dog in the world.

Blessings to you





Scott  Jr and Scott Sr. 

Picking up Kingston Roxy’S new Brother Oct.30th, 2022.

The Kids at home It was great to see you and Terry again.

Thank you again




Presenting Emily!  She iS SOLD!!

Emily at 5 weeks old. She is SOLD!!

Emily at 5 weeks old. She is SOLD!!

Emily and her New Family on their way home to S. Carolina.

Hey Terry & Charlene we want to thank you so much for your help and we appreciate the time that y’all took out of y’all day too help…we drove to Ohio and we made it back at 12:30 this morning.


Emily was good she played with the puppy almost the whole time or she was sleeping and we will most definitely send pictures after she gets settled.

Tabatha & Tavon

Presenting Miranda now Remix / SOLD!

Remix at 5 weeks old. She is She is SOLD!!


Remix at 5 weeks old. She is SOLD!!

Remix heading home to Mansfield, Ohio

Hi Charlene!

The trip home was fine. We got home around 11:30. Remix did great on the drive and through the night and so far today! She has only had 1 accident in the house so far! She has been going to the potty outside really well! I’m in love with her already!

Thank you guys again for everything!!

Sara, thank You for the update on Remix and Your safe trip home.

Terry & Charlene

REMIX and his Human Sisters.

REMIX 10/8/2020



Good evening,

I hope all is well with you two! Just wanted to give you a quick update. Remix is such a sweet girl and she’s super smart. She caught onto some tricks super easy and she’s been completely potty trained now for awhile. Whenever I take her out or on walks, everyone always stops to ask questions and tell me how pretty she is. Ive attached a couple pictures of her.


The 5 Males:

Presenting Jacob now Charlie / SOLD!

Charlie at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD !

Charlie at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD!

Charlie headed home to meet the children.

Charlie did very well today. The kids were thrilled and did a very nice job being gentile with him. He was already coming when we called his name. He peed four times outside and pooped. No accidents inside the house. I put him in his crate a little after 8 (when our kids go to bed). He cried for 3 or 4 minutes and then fell asleep. He did great with our dog, but is scared of the cat. They will get used to each other though. It was great meeting you and seeing the other dogs today. They are beautiful.




UPDATE ON CHARLIE  November 2021


Good evening, 

Here are some pics of our beautiful Charlie. He is such a loyal, loving dog. Our children are absolutely in love with him. He follows us wherever we go. He doesn’t even need to be leashed. He is so smart too. People always laugh when they see him riding in the front seat of her car and comment that he sits just like a person.




December 2021 “Charlie”

Prince Charlie got groomed today. Then he and the kids helped me decorate my classroom for Christmas. We are so in love with him. He is SUCH a well behaved dog. Let me know when you have any info about pups. 




Charlie Update:  April 26th 2022.


Sweetie and Charlie are in love with each other.  They play all of the time and cuttle.  He really likes it when she chases him around the house and yard.  Charlie was upset when we first brought her home, but it didn’t take long for him to come around.



Charlie and Sweetie. Sweetie is from Flash & Lola’s Feb.2022 Litter.

April 29,2020:


                     Charlie and Sweetie are inseparable!! Omg! How cute!!


Oct.31st y 2022 update ChaRLIE & SWEETIE:




Best dogs ever!!! They are so good I was tempted to get another from the litter you just had. Charlie and sweetie love each other so much. Charlie sleeps in bed with my seven year old so he doesn’t get scared at night. Last night I walked in the room and Charlie had his front paw wrapped around him. 


Presenting LUKE! Now “STYLES “ He is SOLD!!

Luke at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD!!

Luke at 5 weeks old. He IS SOLD!!

Styles and hi new Family heading Home.

Hello charlene 🙂

I hope you are recovering well. We made it home Styles did amazing !!! He is now kenneled trained and doing very well on potty training. He is signed up for obedient school at the end of Aug.  He will be trained for a therapeutic dog for the practice as well . The Vet  will see him on Monday for his first visit as they are limited in appt die to Covid . He does have a small ear infection the groomers mentioned because they did not want to pull hair out yet  , they will do after Monday visit . We are soooo enjoying him he is the celebrity in the house !! Will keep you updated and let you know how his health exam goes .

Have a wonderful day


April 4th, 2021


Hello Charlene
Styles is doing excellent !!! He is still in training he will be certified in about 3 months so he is not in the practice yet as he must be certified first. He is a very happy lovable dog . He does excellent on leash. He loves to snuggle ong! Every morning or evening he crawls up on me to lay down. So far he is 25 inches to his shoulder and about 70 lbs. I am not sure how that compares to the others in the litter but he looks like he still might be growing some . My guess is 80 lbs when he is done . We are very happy with our choice of him he has made an excellent addition to the family . When he barks he kind of has a howl which surprised us  😂 he loves toys playing ball fetching anything he will bring the toy to you to play with him. Our other poodle does not play with toys so this has been fun. Thank you for contacting us we have been on house renovation so it’s been extra busy around here . Please let me know what you think of his size from where he is at and others just curious . As I said it was one of our best decisions to get Styles everyone loves him and always are asking what kind of dog is he ? No one thinks he is a poodle English sheepdog when his fur is grown out is what they guess . Hope you enjoy seeing the pics please e-mail me your thoughts .
Have a blessed day
Happy Easter


Presenting Alex is now Chandler Bing He is SOLD!!

Alex at 5 weeks old. He is  SOLD!!!

Alex at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD!!!

Alex Now Chandler Bing, going home with his new family to meet his canine brothers.


Alex is now Chandler Bing, great ride home and Pete (our older Shepard) is a Saint to Chandlers nipping!. Thank you for allowing us to make him part of our family!. The training is going well and I am finding it difficult to not spoil him!.

         The wellness check went fine as well as his booster shot and worming medicine.

Thank You Patrick, for the update on Chandler Bing! He is a Puppy! BUT you can not let that behavior keep up. It is unacceptable. I hope he stops nipping at Pete. I am sure you will be able to train him away from that behavior.

Charlene & Terry

Presenting Blake now Baxter / SOLD!

Baxter at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD !

Baxter at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD !

Baxter on his way home with his new family.

Hi Charlene and Terry,
Just wanted to let you know that Baxter is doing great. He’s been pretty good about potty training and did pretty well with being in the crate last night. He’s a doll and has been following us around and playing with us happily. I attached some pictures so you can how he’s settling in.

Thank You Chrisine for the update on Baxter. 🙂

Terry & Charlene


Baxter and family on July 2020.

Presenting Tyler!  Now “Chief”  He is SOLD!!!

Tyler at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD!!!

Tyler at 5 weeks old. He is SOLD!!!

Chief going home to meet the Family.

We got Chief home last night and he was able to meet my fiancé and my dad! He was fantastic on the way home and slept almost the entire way. He did great through the night, and is super playful this morning. He’s already doing good with his sit command, and I can tel he’s a very intelligent puppy. My family loves him and I can’t wait to watch him grow! More updates to come!!

Chief meeting the Family.

July 29th 2020

As of today I’ve had Chief for a week and wanted to give you a little update! Chief is doing great. He’s loving all the play time, plus plenty of nap time. He loves his sister (my other pup Rajah who is 4) and is doing excellent on his training. He can already Sit, and stay, lay down and stay, and shake. And He’s almost fully potty trained. I was very impressed with how well he’s doing with training. He’s getting lost of hugs and kisses always. I’ll continue to send updates in the coming months! Hope you’re doing well 🙂 -Kenzie & Chief

Chief Aug. 2020. Chief weighs 20 lbs now.

IMG_4185Chief aug 2020

Chief at 1 year old. Chief is 29 in. and 93lbs at one year old.

image_72192707Chief 1yr old

Chief on Couch

image_50424577Chief 1& Kenzie

Thank you Kenzie for the update on Chief!!

Charlene & Terry

We would like to show you a picture of our Royal Sisco’s Major Hollywood. Major is 90 lbs. and 27 in. at the shoulders and our Royal Flash is 75 lbs and 27 in. at the shoulders. Looking at them side by side you can not see any difference In height and weight all though Major is 20 lbs heavier.


We were surprised from our Royal Flash and Royal Heather(Royal Heather is Our Royal Abby’s Daughter)  who had 4 solid white puppies. We thought That Flash and Heather would have had all parti puppies.They are also gorgeous large White puppies 3 males and 1 female.I am including a few pictures of some of our cream royal poodles that you might like to see. White poodle puppies are hard to find and Royal white poodle puppies are even harder to find.

Winter is a 90 lb. cream female with her owner’s daughter.

 OUR: Sisco’s Major Hollywood

Sisco’s queen Victoria

Our Parti poodle puppies speak for themselves for being big and adorable. Most parti poodles are on the smaller side, but Not our Royal Parti Poodles as you can see.

****Her Litter has 5 Males and 5 Females 6 Parti and 4 all White Puppies.***



Heather doing happy dog after nursing her puppies.


 Flash is our Royal Parti Poodle who is Black and White.  Flash is 27 in. at the withers and weighs 75lbs.


Our Sire


Heather is our Female Royal Standard Poodle who is a Black Abstract. Heather is 26 in. at the withers and weighs 70lbs.

Heather 2

Our Dame

Breeding Date:

 Flash and Heather breed on February 25th 2020, and we will be confirming Heathers pregnancy by sonogram in around 30 days. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we were not able to do a sonogram on Heather. Heather is pregnant and her due date should be about 4/25/2020. If you are interested please give us a phone call  we do have a few places left on our wait list.

Puppies should be born around April 25, 2020.

Below is a picture of Flash and his Mother Ebbie nursing him and his litter mates.

Ebbie was breed to a Black and White Royal Parti Poodle when she produced Flash.

At this time we have started a waitlist: If you are interested in being added to our waitlist please contact us by email on our contact us page. Then call us at 330-889-2428.We will not sell a puppy to anyone who has not spoken to us by phone. Just emailing us DOES NOT put your name on our wait list. We are happy to talk to you and answer any and all questions you have about our dogs. Again : Our phone number is 330-889-2428.