Abby May 16th 2020 Puppies ARE ALL Placed!



Abby’s puppies 3 days old

Abby and her litter of 2 puppies at 12 days old cream puppy weighs 55oz. or3.8lbs. Black puppy weighs 55oz. or 3.8oz.


Black beauty at 3 weeks old. she weighs 5.4lbs.


Black Beauty at 6 weeks old.

July 29th 2020

 Black Beauty now VIV with Brandy

 on her way to Jean in Nebraska by Coast 2 Coast Transport.

Viv playing before her trip home.

Viv at home in Nebraska on July 30th 2020.

Viv having fun playing at home.

Here are some pictures I took today…I LOVE her!!  She is fun, fun, fun and so cute, such a pretty mover! I think I will keep calling her Viv as it just suits her.  Thank-you so much for this puppy!!


VIV at 4 months old.

At 4 months old VIV weighs 42.8 lbs.

Viv March 7, 2021

Viv & Fence

Viv & Right front

Viv & Left front

Viv & Back rt side

Viv is living in Nabraska with Jean Miller at Solo Standard Poodles. Jean has purchased Viv for her breeding program and will be using Viv when she is age appropriate. Viv should produce some spectacular poodle puppies.


June 2021

Here is Viv at 13 months old…she is about 28 inches tall and at least 75 lbs.  Still very inky black…she has tons of character…I love her!


March 2022:

“Viv” Chapin’s Royal Abby’s Daughter:

She is a beauty and dearly loved!  Viv gets better all the time.



ViV is living in Nebraska with Jean at Solo’s Standard Poodles


                          “Viv”  Looks a lot like her mother, Abby!!!


May 2022 Update: Viv

Hi Guys, Our Viv is 2 yrs old today and I took these pics over the weekend!!  Thanks for this Poodle, I love her!  Hope you are well. 


My best, Jean



October 30,2022 : VIV  Fall pictures. 🐩❣️

 I am also sending some fall pics of our Viv that I took last week.  The leaves are gone now but Viv is a true beauty and I never tire of looking at her!  I  took them just in time. 





Bella at 3 weeks old. She weighed 5.8lbs.

Bella at 6 weeks old.

Bella and her new Family heading home to Al.

Bella napping on her long ride home with her sister and Brother.


We made it home a few hours ago. Bella is doing great. The food and water really helped at each stop we made along the way. She did a lot of sleeping on the long car ride home. Once home, she is getting used to everything and is so loving and playful. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We love her already!

Thank you.

Jesslyn & Family

AUGUST 12TH 2020

Bella weighs around 27 lbs now.  Bella at home in Al.

Update  Bella

October 14 2020

Good morning. We’re at the vet getting shots. Bella is doing great and weighs 42.4 lbs.


May 16th 2021

Thank you so much for Bella’s birthday card and treats! It’s hard to believe one year has already passed by. We love our girl. I’ve attached a couple of pictures you are free to use on your website. I’ll get her to the vet one day this week and get a weight to send you.

We’ll talk soon.
Jesslyn Reeves

August 4, 2022: Update Bella.


  When I measure Bella it Looks like 27” height at the withers and she has been pretty consistent at 67-68 pounds. 


Bella at 2 yrs. 5 months


 She weighed 72.5 today. Her appetite has improved since we’ve been mixing  the soft food with the dry. 


Hope all is well with you all. 


Chapin’s  Royal  Abby: Abby is 27 in. at the withers and 90 lbs.

IMG_6971 - Version 2

Terry and Abby relaxing at home. Abby loves Bonding with Dad.

IMG_6035Abby is our 90 lb. Gentile, Calm, Loving, Protective, Royal Standard Poodle.

Abby giving hug and Kisses

If you are looking for an old fashioned Royal Standard Poodle, that is 27 inches to 30 inches at the shoulder and weighs 90 to 95 pounds, that is a Gentile Giant and super intelligent. That is Our Chapin’s Royal Abby who is a black beauty. She is 27 in. at the shoulders and weighs 90 lbs.


These puppies should be very Large Royal Standard Poodles. Since both the male & female have a nice personality and temperament these puppies should be Calm, Gentile, Very Intelligent, and Extremely Loving, Gentile Giants.

Our Chapin’s Royal Abby is Sisco’s Major Hollywood daughter. Her grandfather is Sisco’s Mr. Hollywood who’s pedigree reads as follows.

Click on pedigree to enlarge.

Major's father Mr.Hollywood

Major's father Mr. Hollywood


 This will be Abby’s absolute last litter.

If you are would like to know more about this breeding, please give us a phone call at 330-889-2428. If you want to be placed on our wait list. You will need to call and talk to us by phone.  Just because you have emailed us does NOT mean that your names has been added to our wait list.


We ask to talk to all perspective new owners by phone before your name can be added to our wait list. We require no money at the time your name goes onto our wait list. Puppies are chosen by the way your name goes onto our wait list.


Deposits are due when the puppies are 2 to 3 weeks old.  The balance is due before you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old.

Last Chance:

This is you last chance to own one of these extra large fabulous Standard Poodles!

Please Read testimonials :

You might want to take a look at our testimonial pictures from Abby’s previous litters our webpage. Past puppies & New owner 2018 and 2019.

Our Bloodline:

Our bloodline is very strong in Lemerle Standard Poodles. Who are no longer breeding. Lemerle Standard Poodles is listed in The Complete Standard Poodle Book written  by Eileen Gelson. Lemerle was one of the top kennels in the US. Plese look up Lemerle Standard Poodles,  They were the home of 66 Lemerle American Champions many International Champions. Obedeince, Agility and Hunt Trials.