All Puppies Placed: Flash & Heather

Royal Standard Parti Poodle Puppies have

Arrived Dec. 1st  2020!

Heather surprised us with a litter of mostly Black Puppies that look like her in her 2020 December 1st Litter. with only 1 Parti Female.

We have 3 Black Female Puppies and 1 Parti Female Puppies. 3 Black Male Puppies.

Puppies are 3 days old in the picture below.

Heather and Her Puppies at 20 days old. Everyone is growing stronger and gaining weight nicely.

The Puppies eyes and ears are now  wide open. They are creeping and sit up, getting stronger everyday. The babies are responding nicely to my Voice.

Heather feeding her babies. I am oversee the feeding, making sure everyone get enough to eat.

Please excuse the PJ’s !!

Heather & Flash’s December 1st. 2020 litter.

The Females:

 Below Is Jewel at 24 Days Old.  SOLD


Jewel at 5 weeks old.  SOLD



Jewel is now Dolly!

Dolly and her mother Ava.

Dolly is now living in Michigan with her canine sister and brother, Lola & Mack.

Hello Charlene and Terry We got home at 8:30 pm. Dolly was very good girl in car – didn’t throw up she went to bathroom when we put gasoline – no accidents in the car, nothing. She is just fantastic. I introduced Dolly to Mack and Lola the way you suggested and it work beautifully. Today Mack and Dolly have been playing all morning. They like each other.  Lola is keeping her distance. She is so small and old – she like to watch them from the sofa. It is fun to watch them play. Here is a couple pictures of Mack and Dolly- playing and after laying exhausted 🙂 Charlene and Terry  Thank you for my little beautiful girl, instructions and all the gifts.        Ava

May 20th 2021

Hello Charlene and Terry
It was so nice to talk to you – thank you for your time.
Just like I said Dolly is  growing to be very beautiful dog and very sweet one. She is always full of energy and ready to play or do a little mischief. So far I am very fortunate because she never destroyed anything what I be upset about.
Here are few recent pictures that I promise to sent to you.
First two – Dolly is waiting for walk and Dolly with Mack after walk 🙂
My little girl did not want to have picture done.
Sitting on Meck is always more comfortable than sitting on hard wood.

Dolly 11

Dolly at 1 year old Dec. 2021:

Hello Charlene and Terry,
I will like to wish you Merry Christmas.
Good health, happiness and everything best in New Year 2022.
Thank you for pictures.
Treasure is very beautiful girl- wow.
My Dolly grow up to be very lovely girl, smart and also beautiful.
She is 27 inches tall and weighs 83 pounds. She is very big.
Here is her picture


Below is Chloe at 24 Days Old.  SOLD

Chloe Now Remi at 5 weeks old. SOLD


Remi will be living in Ohio with her new Family.

 Megen, Ron and family


Hi Charlene!! We are just in LOVE with Remi.  Our other dog, Finn is still getting used to her but it seems to get better each day and last night they were playing together and it was SO sweet.  Here’s a picture of Finn “stealing” her crate that she was just resting in. Thank you sooo much for this sweet girl!! We will keep in touch!!

Feb. 25th. 2021

Hi Charlene!
Remi is getting so big! We love her sooo much!!  Thank you for such a sweet, sweet pup!!

December 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Remi and family!!!




 Remi: Update: DecemberHello!!  How are you???  We are still LOVING our girl Remi!!!!!  I can’t believe she is 2!!!!!  She is the sweetest girl!!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!!!


Megan & family

Below is Beauty at 24 days Old.   SOLD


Beauty at 5 weeks old.   SOLD


Debbie, Malcolm and Beauty who is now Layla.

 Layla will be living in Ohio with Malcolm and Debbie.


Good morning Charlene,

I hope you and Terry are doing well. I wanted to give you an update on Layla and send some pics. She is doing fantastic! I have been taking her out every 3 hours and she has consistently started to pee at this time which is fantastic! We took your advice and shoveled some snow away from the grass to encourage her to poop. This has helped quite a bit. She went number two outside yesterday afternoon and this morning! The only time she seems to use the puppy pad is for pee & at night, we think around 1-3am. The pad looks to have only been used once which is great. She also goes pee first thing in the morning around 5:30-6 which tells me she would rather not use the pad if she can hold it. Her whining has also reduced significantly. Tonight Deb and I are going to see if we can get away with both sleeping in the bedroom. We have installed a puppy cam which will alert my cell phone and wake me up if she begins to whine. I will let you know how that goes. The pics attached are Deb and the pup on the way home, Layla and myself snuggling & Seabiscuit & Laylas first kiss!



Good afternoon Charlene, Just wanted to bring you up to speed. We are having absolutely no problems at all with her sleeping through the night. We try and make sure to keep her daytime naps to a minimum. This seems to be working in our favor. The puppy cam is a fantastic tool to make sure she isn’t whining or barking when we are not in the immediate vicinity. I would say 90% of pee is happening outside and the rest on a pad. Poops are about 50/50 at this point and she is getting better about using the puppy pad when it comes to number 2. I’m sure if it was warmer out she would have no problem. What a smart girl we ended up with! I have never had this much easy potty training before. What a blessing. Attached is Layla in her first sweater. Wishing you and terry the best. Malcolm


May 28th 2021

IMG_0789Layla bathing Seabiscuit

Loyla’s 1st Birthday Dec. 2021

Hey there Charlene,

How exciting!!! Thank you so much for keeping us posted. We had so much fun celebrating Laylas first birthday this week. I attached a photo. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


            Merry Christmas from Sea biscuit & Layla December 2021


Layla:    Jan. 9th, 2022.


AUGUST 7, 2022: Update Layla.


Layla & Seabiscuit are now living in Washington with their owners Malcolm & Debbie.

Below is Magic the only Parti In the litter.   KEEPING

Magic has her father Flash have one black leg and one white leg in the rear. ( TOO CUTE!! )   KEEPING

Magic at 5 weeks old.  Keeping


Magic at 10 weeks old.

Magic is doing well with her training. She knows her SIT and Down, Commands. We are now working on wait and off.


Magic is living in Ohio with her mother and Father.

March 6 2021

Magic is growing  fast. Most of the time she will come when called. And loves to receive a treat reward when she obeys. But she must sit before she receives her reward, she now is fast enough that I do not get to say sit, before she is waiting for her treat. She is leaning her Sit command, Down command, Wait Command, and Off Command. We are just starting to work on her Leave It Command.  Magic is also learning to walk on a lead. And is also doing well with her potty training. Magic loves her chew toys and her Balls. She is working hard on her teething! and loves to chew on her rope toys and chuckit ultra balls.

March and April:  2021



Magic is still cutting teeth. Because of that she is still a chewer. She loves chewing on her balls, rope toys and knuckle bones. We have to keep an eye on her so that she does not chew other things that she is not supposed to be chewing (still puppy as she should be right now). She has mastered: sit, down, shake, leave it, come, and wait, ok get it.  We are now working on  Sit-Stay and Down-Stay. with a release command of: ok come. Magic walks on a lead and we are working on heal.

Magic in April 2021. Magic is 21 in at the withers and 41 lbs.


December 2021



The Males:

Below is Sheldon at 24 Days Old.  SOLD

Sheldon at 5 weeks old.  SOLD


Sonia & Carlos are Sheldon’s Mom & Dad.

Sheldon is now living in Va. with his Mom & Dad.

Hello charlene and Terry was a pleasure to meet you, we are safe at home sheldon is doing good, as I said before  we will keep his name as it is. Thank you very much for everything God Bless you

By the way Sheldon was a Good boy no accident in the car  until we arrive home He did pee and He and 1 hours later He ate and drink  play and back to sleep He is  a my little angel thank you very much again we will keep in touch  God bless you❤🙏🙏

March 14th 2021

Below is Sheldon at 14 weeks old. Sheldon is 30lbs now.Sheldon is a lovely and happy dog.We have booked his grooming appointment in a couple of weeks.We are training Sheldon in English and Spanish, he a very smart puppy.

20210314_181331Sheldon Face 3 months

May 21st 2021

Hello Charlene and Terry how are you? Here some pic of my beautiful Sheldon he is now 55 pounds an a good behave dog we go out 4 to 5 times to walk to run and play thank you again and God bless you both



Below is Troy at 24 Days Old.   SOLD


Troy at 5 weeks old.  SOLD


Samantha and Troy who is now Henri.

 Henri will be living with Samantha in Ohio.

Terry and Charlene, Wanted to let you know we made it home safely. I love him so much! I decided his name will be Henri.

Below is Benjamin at 24 Days Old.   SOLD

March 1 2021

Just wanted to give you an update on Henri(Troy). He is doing excellent with house and crate training. He has mastered sit and down and is learning “place” to stay. He loves playing ball and going for walks. My entire family loves him.

April 9th 2021

Hi Charlene and Terry,

Henri is growing so fast, he just had his first grooming appointment. He weighs 33 pounds. Cannot thank you enough for this sweet boy!

Samantha &Henri

June 8th 2021

Just wanted to send some updated pictures of Henri  he is 49 pounds and sweet as ever! He is doing great with training and loves going for walks and playing fetch

With Love,

Samantha & Henri

Henri’s First Birthday Pictures:

Hi Charlene!

Just wanted to send an update on my sweet boy Henri. He weighs 64 pounds. He still loves playing fetch and is very smart with his training. He loves eggs and apples as treats but LOVES cheese the most. He will sit patiently waiting for a small piece. 🙂 He loves cuddling and is spoiled rotten and is king of the house. We love him so much.







                                              Christmas 2021


Henri December 2022.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2022 was filled with adventure for Henri. Lots of visits to the metroparks, swimming at Edgewater park, walks, and tons of play time with his neighborhood best friend, River, a 2 year old German Shepherd.  He continues to be such a beloved part of our family and is fantastic with kids; especially my two nieces. Looking forward to 2023 and years to come with my sweet boy.

With love,

Samantha and Henri 

Benjamin at 24 days old.

Benjamin Now Klaus at 5 weeks old.  SOLD


Debbie & Klaus Ready to go Home.


Debbie & Larry and Klaus MOM and Dad.

Klaus is living in North Carolina.

Feb.15th 2021

Our little guy is growing like a weed. Everyday he tackles a new skill and masters it. He’s been going in and out the doggie door and today he actually went down the stairs to the backyard by himself. He’s very curious but i i didnt like him out there without supervision. I’ve been spending many cold minutes outside with him. And then he comes in and pees on the kitchen floor right in front of me. What’s up with that? Lol.
We are seeing potty success on the leash. Yesterday he ate lunch from a food puzzel toy. Took him 3 seconds to figure it out. Just amazing. Spent some time eating and really had fun. Seriously. Chapin poodles are SMART. Alot of work but he is so worth it. So sweet. We couldn’t be happier.

Time out puppy. Belly up

March 19th 2021 Klaus

Klaus rt frt sitting outside

Klaus standing outside

Klaus ssitting outside

Yes. Things are crazy around here. Larry is recovering nicely but not much help at this point  Lol. Klaus on the other hand is a challenge!!!! He is so smart. Too much for his own good. Into everything!! But such a joy. He is doing all those crazy puppy things times two. Loves to fetch and explore his backyard. Potty training is going well however there’s not been a perfect day yet. Still waiting. He goes on outings several times a week and enjoys everyone he meets. People say what a good little boy. Klaus is still mouthing. Trying all tricks known to man and i do see progress. Next week he will be going to a puppy camp to play with his own kind for a few hours. We are having so much fun with him. He’s going to be a great poodle love. Thankyou for him. He is also quite beautiful. Little signs of white parti showing up here and there. Will keep you posted on his progress. Hugs. Debbie

Klaus update: December 2022.