Planned breeding : Mother Nature Decided April 2021.

UpDate on Lola and Major’s breeding!! June 16th 2021:

We have now confirmed today by Xray that Lola has only 1 puppy. We will be keeping this singleton for our future breeding program. I have contacted everyone on our wait list and everyone has been very understanding. I just wanted to let anyone who is watching our site about this breeding to know.

I want to apologize to everyone for the inconvenience!!


***We are happy to announce that Lola and Major’s New Puppy arrived on June 22nd 2021. At birth her weight was 16.2 oz. She is a strong, beautiful, cream, female.***

We have had  2 Breedings with Major’s frozen sperm and Lola. The 1st breeding was on Friday April 22nd 2021. And the second was on Saturday April 23rd. 2021. We will be having a sonogram on Lola to confirm her pregnancy at around 32 days. These breedings were Transervical Inseminations. These procedures were done at Dr Hutinsons Facility at the Animal Clinic Northview Inc. North Ridgeview, Ohio.

***  /Sisco’s Major Hollywood   ***


 ***  Chapin’s Special Edition Royal Lola  ***

Sisco’s Major Hollywood : below



Sisco’s Major Hollywood


Chapin’s Special Edition Royal Lola :  below

Major was 28in. at the withers and Weighed 90 to 95 lbs. Lola is 27 in at the withers and weighs 75 lbs.

This breeding will be done by transcirvical insemination with frozen sperm By Dr. Robert Hutchinson DVM, who is a world renowned Reproduction specialist. This breeding will be done in Dr. Hutchinsons Facility in the Animal Clinic Northveiw Inc. North Ridgeville,Oh

With Transcirvical Insemination the female has no incision or stitches. ECT.

This will be a Breeding of Grandfather to Granddaughter. We expect this breeding to be a Spectacular Breeding.

If everything goes well and it takes.

Open fingers to make larger:



We ask to talk to all perspective new owners by phone before your name can be added to our wait list. We require no money at the time your name goes onto our wait list. Puppies are chosen by the way your name goes onto our wait list.


Deposits are due when the puppies are 2 to 3 weeks old.  The balance is due before you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old.


Our Bloodline:

Our bloodline is very strong in Lemerle Standard Poodles. Who are no longer breeding. Lemerle Standard Poodles is listed in The Complete Standard Poodle Book written  by Eileen Gelson. Lemerle was one of the top kennels in the US. Please look up Lemerle Standard Poodles,  They were the home of 66 Lemerle American Champions many International Champions. Obedeince, Agility and Hunt Trials.