Puppies: Born July 9th 2018.

Puppies: and New Owners. below…


               Zack: Royal Standard:  


                Zack at 6 weeks weeks old. 


                     Zack at 6 weeks old.  


   Zack at 8 weeks old.  Zack is now Oscar and his new family.


 Oscar: Christmas 2018




Thank You for the beautiful pictures of Oscar and family. Hugs!!



Oscar: Loves the Snow:  Jan.2019.



  Oscar & his human brother.Oscar & snow a boy's best friendOscar loves the snow


Thank You for the beautiful pictures of Oscar.


Charlene& Terry



Just a note to let you know Oscar passed his Canine Good Citizens Test today. I’m so proud of him.

*** Congratulations Bonita & Oscar!!***

We are so proud of both of you!!!


 Bailey: Royal Standard:


                    Bailey at 6 weeks old.



                     Bailey at 8 weeks old.



Bailey weighs 20lbs at 9 weeks old.



Bailey at 6 months old: Jan.2019

Bailey at 6 months.




Bailey & TerryBailey playing.

Bailey is 27 in at the shoulders and 66 lbs. at 6 months old.


           Cole: Royal Standard:  



                        Cole at 6 weeks old. 



                        Cole at 8 weeks old. 



          Cole weighs 20lbs. at 9 weeks old. 


Cole is now Music:   Jan.2019

IMG_6941Dave & Music

IMG_6943MUsic first cute

IMG_6942Dave & Music

Hello Terry & Charlene. We finally took Music for his fist real poodle trim today.He has had a puppy trim until now. So I wanted to make sure you got pictures of our beautiful happy boy. Our groomer, Our Veterinarian, our friends, and family love him because he is a happy fella. He is about 7 months old and is just magnificent. Music weighs 65 pounds at 6 months old.

 Thank You again for trusting us enough to have one of your puppies.

Love Cathy, Dave and Music.


Thank You, Cathy for the beautiful pictures of Music.


Terry & Charlene


           Heather: Royal Standard:


                Heather at 6 weeks old.



               Heather at 8 weeks old.



 Heather weighs 20Lbs. at 9 weeks old.







                              Heather is staying with us in Ohio.


The Parents:

***Abby and Coby:*** the proud parents:

Both Abby and Coby have a wonderful temperament and Personality.

Both Coby and Abby have been tested for hips, thyroid and,  Von Willebrand’s Deases.




Abby is 27 in at the withers and 90 lbs.  Coby is 26 in.    at the withers and 86 lbs.