Abby & Coby’s puppies were born: 6/18/19.

****All puppies are spoken for.****

Abby had 3 Females 2 Black, and 1 cream female.

 2  Cream Males.

All of the puppies weighed around 18 oz. at birth.




The Males: at 16 days.



Ziggy at 4 weeks old.

Ziggy at 6 weeks old.

Ziggy at 7 weeks old.


Ziggy and his new owner, Salvatore and his friend Howard.

Salvatore, Ziggy, and Howard ready for their trip to Ziggy’s new home.


Ziggy and his new canine brother Matteo at home in Ohio.

 Matteo has been very good with Ziggy.   We’re all amazed at how smart little Ziggy is.



Baxter at 4weeks old.

Baxter at 6 weeks old.

Baxter at 7 weeks old.


Baxter at 9 weeks old.

Baxter name is now **George.**

Terri, Jonny and George bonding.

**Update on George’s trip home.**

Glad to hear your feeding schedule.  Much the same as what we do so that is easy.  I am amazed at how well he traveled.  We did have one episode when we stopped to eat lunch.  He got sick at his stomach and I was most appreciative of the paper towels and windex.  The rest of the time he was a real trooper.  He is so calm and totally at ease.  Normally you expect a transition period for him to adjust to us but he acts as this is where he has always been.  He has met Deuce and they seem as if they will be best friends.   I can certainly tell you have invested a lot of your time socializing your puppies.  I don’t remember every seeing a new puppy so at ease in new surroundings.  I will keep in touch as we continue to settle in.

The Females: at 16 days.

Roxie now (Lola 1)


Lola 1 at 4 weeks old.

Lola 1 at 6 weeks old.

Lola 1 at 6 weeks old.


Lola 1 at 7 weeks old.


Lola 1 and her new family. Lola weighed 17lbs 14oz. at 8 weeks old.

Margy, Molly and Lola. Lola will be living in West Verginia with her new canine brothers.

Lola’s 1st night in her new home.

Hi Terry and Charlene,

I know you would be wondering about Lola’s first night!  She really did well.  She has learned how to go up and down steps in about 5 min.   She goes outside to potty.  The boys think she is the neat girl on the block with all the cool toys.  I ordered more of those knuckle bones since they are such a hit. Gus( the bulldog) follows her around like a big brother and Cooper (the mix) now has a playmate. He is amazingly gentle with her.   I think in another month she will be running the show.  She already chases Cooper and wants to tussle with him like her siblings. Of course at this point when she is around the other dogs it’s supervised and we have to take play breaks.  The 1st floor of my house has hardwood flooring so it’s easy to let her have the run of the house .  She is such an amazing little girl, I have never had a dog that was this smart.  She learns everything so quickly and I know Charlene has done an amazing job working with her and it shows. I can’t get over how fast she has settled in and accepted this house as her new home.  Thank you again for allowing me to have this precious little girl !  Talk to you soon!  Margy

**8/20/2019 update on Lola 1**

She is doing so well, I just love her so much.  I never dreamed a puppy could be so smart.  I show her something once and she gets it.  Potty training is going fabulous, one night she even barked so I could take her outside.  I hope her siblings are doing equally as well,  talk to you Friday when we get home.  🐩❤️Margy

April 2021

  Don’t mind Lola’s wild ears she has been romping in the back yard.  She loves the new pup and is so gentle with him.  I will try to get better pictures of her after she is groomed but she loves to run and play so I let her enjoy this wonderful weather.  Marlow ( the pup) is 13 1/2 weeks and the vet said he weighs 37 lbs.  So far he’s has a gentle disposition like her and is laid back.  The two of them are best buddies and everyone gets along beautifully. Hope all goes well with your breeding,  I am so excited for you and Terry.  Will send more pictures soon.


Lola 1 & her new brother Marlow.

2d075ab7-81c6-4916-888b-85fca31cb803Lola 1 and Marlow



Maisy at 4 weeks old.

Maisy at 6 weeks old

Maisy at 7 weeks old.


Maisy at 9 weeks old.

Angie, Larry and Maisy ready for their trip home.

Angie, Larry, and Maisy getting to know each other before their trip home..

** Update on Maisy trip home.**

Maisy did great! She is a.m excellent traveler. She didn’t get sick at all!I’ll be in touch tomorrow with an update of her first night.

Thank you again….. we love her so much!

Angie and Larry

** Update on Maisy’s first day in her new home**

Good morning Charlene and Terry!

What a great morning it has been!

Maisy woke up this morning and I took her outside to do her “business” and she was a natural! Thank you Charlene for your excellent training – – it was a breeze!

She didn’t whimper or cry at all during the night. It was like she was home instantly.

Oscar, her older brother didn’t know exactly what happened to his world when we brought Maisy in the house. He was curious and so was she. They have bonded and love to play, he even brought Maisy her rope toy this morning. I told him to drop it and to sit, and to my pleasant surprise, Maisy sat first, lol!!!

Her manners are wonderful! Thank you again for the excellent training and love you have given her! She comes, sits, and downs on que! Last evening Larry had Oscar in another room and I asked Maisy to sit (she did), and I heard Larry laughing and he said that Oscar sat as well!

We can’t thank you enough for doing what you do with this breed! Maisy is so loving, tender, and smart ~ wonderful breeding!

We will keep you updated and will send pictures.

Hugs and love,
Angie & Larry

 Larry, Angie, and Maisy and her new older brother Oscar at their  home in Ohio. Oscar is a Giant Schnauzer

Lola 2


Lola 2 at 4 weeks old.

Lola 2 at 6 weeks old.

Lola 2 at 7 weeks old.


Lola 2 at 9 weeks old.

Lola 2 in 2021. Lola is 27in and weighs 75 lbs.


IMG_0400Lola Fence

Puppies at 7 weeks old.


 Abby & Coby have breed on 4/17/2019.

IMG_3612Abby & COBY


IMG_3575 - Version 2COBY

*We have started a Wait List . Please call 330-889-2428 if interested in being on our Wait List.*

***Abby and Coby:*** the proud parents:

Abby is 27in. at the withers and 90 lbs.

Coby is 26 in. at the withers and 86 lbs.

Both Abby and Coby have a wonderful Temperament and Personality.

Both Coby and Abby have been tested for hips, thyroid and type 1 Von Willebrand’s Deases.

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