Major & Lola’s Daughter has Arrived:

A Female Standard Poodle Puppy was born June 22, 2021 from Our Major and Lola April breeding. She weighed 18oz. at birth.

Major and Lolas new Daughter was delivered by C-Section on June 22,2021 by Dr. Clayton DDM.

Female Puppy

Major & Lola’s Daughter

Puppy was delivered by C-Section on June 22, 2021, The surgery was preformed by Dr. Clayton.

Lola and Daughter

Lola and Daughter are doing well!!

Lola And Major’s Female puppy are both doing very well after the surgery. Lola is learning o be a a gentile and loving mother with her new Daughter.

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Lola & her Baby Girl

Lola & Daughter getting to know each other.

Lola was a little out to of it after surgery. we were very hands on with baby girl and Mommy until the antistatic wore off.

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Major and Lola’s daughter’s first 3 days.