2016 New Owners and Parti Poodle Puppies.

 New Owners and Their Puppies. 

 EVA now named Chapin’s Pollyanna Glad Girl aka “GIGI”

  GiGi and Nancy bonding after returning home to Ct. 🙂

SEPT.9th 2016

Hi Charlene and Terry,
We are safely home! GiGi was a wonderful little traveler! We stopped every couple of hours to let GiGi and Remy out and to give them some food and water. She mostly slept in the crate, so now she has lots of energy. Cooper, my shepherd, is very good with other dogs, and she is playing with him. So we are off to a great start!
I really enjoyed meeting both of you yesterday and seeing your other dogs.
Thanks for everything,

                           GiGi and her new friends at play.

Gi Gi ready to go to her home with Nancy. GiGi taking a nap in Nancy’s Office. This was GiGi’s first day at work with Nancy. 🙂

 Dec. 31st 2016

GIGI weighs 37lbs at 5 1/2 months old. She loves people and does not know a stranger. GIGI is always happy and her tail goes a mile a minute. GiGI and Nancy and Cooper will be moving soon to Seatle, Wa. 🙂

May 3,2017


   GIGI at the park near her new home in Seatle, Wa.

GIGI graduating from her training class. GIGI now weighs 48lbs. at 10 months.

May 26th, 2017


GiGi after her recent grooming. GiGi is now 25 in. at the withers and  weighs 48 lbs.

June 2017


Hi Charlene and Terry,
I thought you would like to see this picture I took today of GiGi and Cooper with my grandson.  He is 8 weeks old, and the dogs are both very calm and good with him.
Hope all is well with you.
Take care,

GiGi on her Birthday Swim. 7/12/2020

 AMANDA now named: Chapin’s Gypsy Lola Lee aka “GYPSY”

Holley meeting Gypsy for the first time.  Holley and Gypsy on their way home to S.C. 🙂

SEPT. 9th 2016


When we first talked on the phone, I felt we’d have a long, fun friendship. After meeting you and Terry, I’m sure of it. Clearly, your hearts are in raising beautiful dogs, and you’ve managed your program with integrity.

Charlene, this is a very special pup. She is bold, smart and let’s not forget, beautiful! We’re going to have lots of fun with her.

She went to the Vet yesterday, and got her vaccinations, heartworm and flea prevention, as well as another dose of de-wormer. Her fecal exam was negative. Our Vet is Michelle Mayers, the clinic is Hillcrest Animal Hospital. They have a nice website, if you want to look it up. All the Vets are Yankees from NY, OH, PA and MI, which feels like home when I go there! Dr. Mayers owns a Standard also, and remarked what a beautifully-marked pup she is.

She has enjoyed running in her new yard. We have a ramp on the back steps, which she discovered is great fun to run up and down. We love her, I promise she’ll have a good home here.

Pictures to follow….


  Gypsy getting comfortable with her extended family.:-)

January 30,2017  

Congratulations Gypsy & Cathy!! 🙂


Hello Chapins!

Hope all is well with you. I’m writing to brag tonight. Gypsy just completed week 4 of her Obedience class, and she’s clearly the Star of the class! She is learning so fast, and performs beautifully when it’s her turn. I’m so proud of her. The Instructors both commented on how smart she is, and hopes we will sign up for the next class.

As long as she’s having fun doing it, we’ll keep going.

Just wanted to share. Thanks for this beautiful pup.



Thank You Cathy  for the update!  Gypsy is 43 lbs at the end of January, 2017. We are so proud of you both!!



She graduated with flying colors! On to Intermediate next week. She’s such a smarty pants! Weighed in at 45lbs., 23.5 inches at the shoulder. 🙂


***Congratulations!!  Gypsy and Cathy we are so proud of you both!!***

                                 Gypsy March 2017

              Gypsy’s new big girl hair cut, how beautiful!!

December 2021:

Charlene, as always, wonderful to hear from you.  Hope you’re doing well.  Our beautiful Gypsy is doing well.  She is such a SMART dog!  

CHRISTY  now named: SCARLET:

Christy   now Scarlet meeting her new mom Janet and Her new Dad. Scarlet is Dad’s birthday gift from Mom.   Happy Birthday Dad!! 🙂

 MEGAN now named: BRISTOL

Ed, Pam, and Megan.

Ed, Pam, and Megan.

 Ed, Pam, and Bristol ready to leave for home in Michigan.  🙂

Bristol getting comfortable in her new home in Michigan. 🙂

Bristol likes to eat laying down.  She is so cute! 🙂

March 17,2017

Bristol after her new grooming Day. 🙂 Good job mom!!

Dec. 7, 2016

This is Bristol. She weighs about 30lbs and is around 19in at the withers. She is a wonderful girl. She is the smartest dog we’ve ever owned. She has my husband wrapped around her paw. She rules the roost with him and my daughter. I take her to puppy classes and she listens to me great! With my husband, daughter, and grandchildren she acts like a queen and disobeys them because they let her.  🙂


Bristol at a year old. Bristol swims with her Mom and Dad and their grandchildren. Bristol weighs 45 lbs. and is 25 in. at the shoulder.

JORDAN now named Chapin’s Flash Jordan

 Justin meeting Cheryl and Shelly

Jordan meeting Cheryl and Shelly.

Cheryl and Shelly meeting  Jordan for the first time.. 🙂

Sept.9th,2016   JORDAN

Jordan had his vet appointment today and got a clean bill of health. He got shots and lots of loving and we got his flea and heartworm products. He is currently sleeping after a fun romp in the yard after we got home. He is eating and drinking well and seems to be handling everything extremely well. I told the vet I was almost worried about how good he was. Was he feeling ok? Dr. S. said he was just a good boy and he said we “had a good one”. Our favorite vet tech stole him from me in the waiting room and took him in the back to get his weight and show him to the staff. She finally brought him back and said he was a big hit.
He is tuckered after his big days yesterday and today so he is sleeping soundly. When he wakes up we will go outside again and see if he needs to poo. His stool is still loose, but he seems to feel fine. I’ve never had a puppy adjust so well so fast. He cried a little bit a couple of times last night but then settled right back down and was rested and raring to go this morning. He loves running in the yard and chasing the falling leaves. The little dogs are still ignoring him, but they will come around in time.
I’ll try to send some pics tomorrow.

Jordan at home with Cheryl and Shelly in Ohio.

Jordan having fun exploring at home in Ohio.  He is growing fast. 🙂

Jordan and his dog sisters.  Jordan opening his xmas gift.

Jan 3rd 2017

Jordan is growing so fast! He weighs 44 lbs and is approximately 23 inches at the withers. He is a big lap pup and likes to stretch out on top of me on the recliner. He is quite the character. One minute so sweet and huggy; the next he is off running the yard like a mad man. Keeps us laughing.


Thank You Cheryl for the update on Jordan ! 🙂

Jan. 15 2017


Sometimes a boy just naps better when he is surrounded by his favorite toys.:-)


                 Jorden relaxing at home.Aug. 2017.

         Jorden and friends relaxing at home. Aug. 2017.


Jorden after his grooming appointment. Aug. 2017. 🙂


   Dec. 2017, Jordan and his toys.

January 2019

Jordan is feeling studious today and wanted to share a picture.  He has a busy week ahead with a vet checkup on Tuesday and a groomer appt on Thursday.   Luckily he loves going both places so he should have fun. 

Hope all is well with both of you.  Happy New Year. 


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December 2021 Flash Jordan

Happy Holidays from my pack to yours. My wish ll of you to have a happy  safe and fulfilling New Year full of long walks, squeaky toys and belly rubs.
Love you!

Flash Jordan, Jordan’s Mama Cheryl, aunt Shelly, Sha’ra and Enrica



Justin now named EMMETT

Jodi ,Tom, Cass and Family.  Cass and his new brother Justin now Emmett at home in Ohio. 🙂

Emmett Christmas 2016. 

It looks like Emmett may turn a beautiful silver. Like his mother (BELLA).

April 18, 2017


Emmitt and Cass cuddling as they sleep. This is defiantly brotherly love..:-)


Emmitt, his spot is laying on the back of my chair. I love them so much.

Jodi & Tom

How cute!! LOL!! 🙂

20170907_051015 Cass and younger brother Emmett Sept. 2017. Relaxing on the bed.

Emmitt and Cass Christmas 2018


dojmepjbgmgdaflnaglaia, emmitt & cass

Thank you for the great pictures of you poodle children and family! Hugs!


Emmitt: January 2018:  Too cute!!!

Viking Emmitt

Thank You for sharing  Jodi!!!!!  Hugs Charlene.

December 2021 Christmas photo


30 Seconds Later!! Lol!! 🤣


Thank you for the chuckle. 😃  Jodi ,Tom & Poodle children!

Emmitt & Cass & Aglaia: Update: December 2022.


Jacob now named Leonardo

Jacob now Leonardo, Elyssa, Carrie, and Brock.   Jacob Now Leonardo and his new family getting ready to go home to Mi. 🙂

March 4th. 2017

Leonardo at 4 1/2 months sitting.  Leonardo helping to install a new dish washer. 🙂


                  Leonardo lounging at 7 1/2 months old.

Hello Terry and Charlene,

I am so happy to hear from you. Leonardo is doing great and we just love him! He is such a kind hearted, sweet and gentle dog, and so much fun at the same time. Very handsome and smart too. As of last weekend, Leo weighs 57 lbs, and is 26″ at the shoulder. He went to puppy class when we first got him, and I am now starting a basic obedience class with him.

Some Leonardo-ism’s:
Loves to eat lying down with his paws around his bowl
He is very good about chewing on his own toys and not ours, except for socks. We gave him a spare sock to chew on when we first got him and since then he loves to steal socks from the laundry basket
He loves sticks, the bigger the better. I need to get a picture of him with one of his conquests
He does not mind having his toenails clipped!
He watches TV with us.

Thank You Carrie, for the update and the  cute pictures of Leonardo. 🙂


imageMike and Diane and Keri. Keri is at home in Ohio with  her mom  Diane and dad Mike and her new human brothers and poodle sister. 🙂


Keri after her Christmas 2016 spa day.

Dec.15 2016

Hi Mom! I’m now 38 pounds… WOW!

We met my Picasso & Lori tonight… LOVED them!!!

MAGGIE now named: Talluhla Bee Bear

Maggie and Penny. Maggie will be living in Ohio with her new  Mom Penny and her new dad Ron and her Toy Poodle brother and  her Shih Tzu sister.

Talluhla Bee Bear loves to play with her new sister and best freind Sunshine Bear. These pictures are after a long day of play. Talluhla is naping in her crate..:-)

Jan.13th 2017

 Talluhla Bee Bear, at 6 months old.   Tulluhla  now weighs 40.4 pounds . 🙂

March 27, 2017

Tulluhla is so good.  Super Sweet..

Talluhla’s first day at doggie camp. Playing with the big dogs. She would rather follow the counselors than play with these furry friends.

April 2017


Tulluhla after her big girl hair cut. Talluhla weighs about 45 lbs. and is 23.5″ at the withers. 🙂