2017 Puppies & New Owners.


Blazer and his new family. Blazer is living in New Jersey.

                  Blazer Comfy at home.

Charlene and Terry

Just wanted to let you know Blazer is doing fine. Already 22 lbs.! Loves car rides and has started obedience classes. He also attends puppy social class where he just plays with other puppies for an hour. Loves to jump and hop when interacting with other  puppies. He is so connected to us. Just wants to be with us all the time.  Now we just need to get him to play calmly with the cats. They want to get to know him like our other dog, but he is too rough for them.

Hope Blazer’s siblings are doing well too.


Blazer at 7 months old. Blazer weighs 50 lbs. and stands 25 inches tall.

                                    Blazer and family enjoying life.

Charlene and Terry:

Hope all goes well with your medical challenges.

As I told Terry, Blazer is doing great. Full of energy and loves just having someone by his side. Loves the kids.

He stands just about 28 inches at his shoulders and currently weighs about 65 lbs. Loves using his front paws like hands, extremely smart, and loves having his neck scratched.

His favorite game is tug-o-war. And he always spreads out on the couch.


  Thank You for the update on Blazer!!


Blazer Christmas 2018 and  January 2019:

Terry & Charlene

Blazer is doing fine. Really settled in and loves being pet. Always looking for human contact. He goes to a local dog

daycare/ groomer  /trainer once a week to play with other big dogs to get the 4 legged contact he likes.

He has his favorite couch in the kids’ playroom and loves playing catch with a football with us. He always uses his paw to talk to us. Hits the door with it when he wants out. Hits our leg over and over until we pet him. He will sit next to me in the living room and keep hitting me until I pet him, then lay down on me to make sure I keep petting him. He is extremely smart.

Likes the cats, but still wants to play with them and sometimes they don’t. He is so cute when his hair grows out and he is due for a grooming , but very sharp looking when he gets his cut. A very smart looking face. Merry Christmas!

      Thank so much for the great pictures of Blazer!! Happy New year to you and the  family!! Hugs!


January 2, 2020

Charlene & Terry

Received your Xmas card. Hope all is well. Blazer is doing fine. He is just such a loving dog and all he wants is to be with us all the time. He attends a doggy daycamp once or twice a week when we are at work and he gets to play with dozens of other “big” dogs inside and outside. When we take him in the morning before work he gets so excited. But at the end of the day is is extremely tired.

Blazer is getting excited for another Christmas and was right in the middle of things last week when we put up the tree. He loves visiting my parents who live in town and their Dauchshund. He loves his couch, riding in cars, and playing football. He even attended school with my daughter one day as part of her school project. But he is not a fan of the hot air balloons that we have pass by often in the summer. As for the three cats, he has learned to live with them, but loves to chase them every once in a while. See attached pdf with pictures from this year.

Hope you are doing well. Have you had anyone else from the New Jersey area get one of your dogs? We would love to meet some of Blazer’s family members.

Merry Christmas!!!

                              Blazer 2019

Blazer & family Christmas 2019

Blazer and family at school.

 Blazer loves to ride in the car.

                           Blazer also loves to play football.

Blazer and the cat.   But he is not a fan of the hot air balloons.

                              Blazer at home kick-in back with his family in 2019.

December 2021 Blazer

Merry Christmas to you, too. Hope all is well. Blazer is just great. Another year already. He will be turning 5 years old soon. Time has passed so quickly.

Blazer is the most affectionate dog I have ever had. All he wants to do is sit with his family and be pet. He will always try to be in our lap, at least partially because he so big, and needs to have a physical connection.



Truffle Update June 2017 at 6 months.

Hi Charlene,

Here are a couple of pictures of Truffle – The one with both Bert and I was about a week after we got her, and the next is when we first had her bathed.  Will send two more!


Hi Charlene,

The next picture with me is during her first hike in the park!  She did great!  and the last is this week when she got groomed for the first time!

I just love my dog!!!

Best wishes,


Thank You,

Linda for the beautiful pictures of Truffle and the family. 



Truffle at 1 year old. Happy Birthday sweet girl. 😀


              Truffle and Daisy at 7 months old.


    Daisy kicking back with her ball at her new home in Al.


Truffle and Daisy at 7 months old.  The girls get together frequently to play.


Willie and Candice picking up Jewel.  Jewel is headed to her new home. 

Jewel enjoying her new yard in IN. Jewel loves to play outside.

March 27,2017

Is having a very good time knows command sit and is doing very well going potty and poopy out doors she and I are learning together Sleeps in kennel all night goes potty around 2:15 and 6. Then sleeps with me until 8 am and I have to wake her up so fun

Thank you for a very good girl

April 3rd. 2017


Jewels loves all of the grandchildren. 🙂


 Jewel saying hello at 5 months. Jewel now weighs 40 lbs.

 Jewel and the cat are working thing out. 🙂 Jewel is 7 months old.


Jewel weighs 55 lb. at 7 months old.  Jewel naping at home.


Jewel loves her toys, and also swims in the pool with her Mom and Dad.


Jewel and her play buddy Hugging! 🙂 Jewel at 7 months old now weighs 55 lbs.

          Jewel at 9 months old. Jewel now weighs 65 lbs. 

 Jan. 2018


Jewel at 1 year old.  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

May 2018

  June 2018

            Jewel is a very happy girl. Just saying hi and hope all is well

Jewel   Christmas 2018

jewel christmas 2018

Thank You! for the beautiful picture of Jewel. Merry Christmas! Hugs!




 Kathy and Rose leaving for their car ride home. Rose will be living in Ohio.


Kathy and Rose headed home..

   Rose April 3rd. 2017. Ready to meet her new older   parti poodle brother Jet and Her human twins boys.

April 18,2017.


Sorry for the delay on the pictures, I am not much of a photographer, but here is sweet Rose! She is doing amazing and her and Jet have become fast friends!


Thank You, Kathy the pictures are beautiful!! 🙂

May 25th, 2017

               Rose and her brother Jet relaxing at home.

Nov. 30, 2017.


                Rosie looking beautiful at 10 months old.

Rosie and Jet October 2018

Here they are taking the house over! Rosie weighs 66 pounds and is very playful and active!!!

rosie & jetThank You, for the great picture of Rosie and Jet!! Hugs!