About Us

Royal Poodles is just a way of saying oversized poodles.  We are not a Kennel.  We are hobby breeders and occasionally have a litter of puppies that we raise in our home.  We breed for Good Quality, Temperament and Size.  We strive for best in Home.

About Major

We were looking for a dog 8 years ago and my wife was allergic to dogs and cats.  I wanted a large dog.  I just about gave up until someone told us about Karen Sisco in California having the Royal or Oversized poodles 27-29″ tall, 90 lbs plus or minus.  I was in heaven: big dog, non allergic, doesn’t shed, from a great breeder.

Major has one of the best temperament and personality, some people say of any poodle they have ever seen.  He is very laid back and obedient, a gentle giant and very intelligent.

About Sweet Ebbie Blue

Sweet Ebbie Blue is just that, a very sweet and kind standard poodle who throws very large pups and is a wonderful mother.  She is blue in color and also very intelligent.

I had Dalmatian dogs for 30 years raised them and showed them and loved them dearly.  But after having a standard poodle that doesn’t shed and is non allergic, I would’t have anything else. This is probably the last litter for Ebbie & Major.


We had sperm frozen from Major so we wouldn’t loose this wonderful line of oversized or royal poodles.

We’ve seen three generations of Sisco’s poodles with no disease or genetic defects, our Major being the third.  Frozen sperm with DNA proof sounds expensive, but by the time you travel time , car air, etc food, lodging, try to breed on a certain day, time lost in a week, frozen sperm may not be that expensive.