Past Puppies: Born July 9th 2018.

Puppies pictures below…


***Abby and Coby:*** the proud parents:

Both Abby and Coby have a wonderful temperament and Personality.

Both Coby and Abby have been tested for hips, thyroid and type 1 Von Willebrand’s Deases.






              The Males:


               Zack: Royal Standard:  


                Zack at 6 weeks weeks old. 


                     Zack at 6 weeks old.  


   Zack at 8 weeks old.  Zack is now Oscar and his new family.



Oscar has his Canine Good Citizen award. Congratulations Bonita and Oscar!!


 Bailey: Royal Standard:


                    Bailey at 6 weeks old.


                     Bailey at 8 weeks old.


Bailey weighs 20lbs at 9 weeks old.


           Cole: Royal Standard:  

                        Cole at 6 weeks old. 


                        Cole at 8 weeks old. 


          Cole weighs 20lbs. at 9 weeks old. 

      The Female.


           Heather: Royal Standard:


                Heather at 6 weeks old.



               Heather at 8 weeks old.


 Heather weighs 20Lbs. at 9 weeks old.