Past Puppies: Born July 12, 2017


Flash our sire is 27 in. and 75lbs.  Bella our Dam is 25 in. and 53lbs.

                     Bella and her new puppies a few days old.

               Sleeping Babies just a few days old.

                The 2 Tuxedo Females Puppies.

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                         TONYA  is now Lu Lu.

Tonya at 24 days old. Tonya is Sold

Tonya at 32 days old. Tonya is SOLD

Tonya is a Tuxedo Standard Poodle. Tonya at 5 weeks old is SOLD.

    Tonya at 7 weeks old Tonya is SOLD.


Tonya at 8 weeks old. Tonya is SOLD.

Tonya at 11 weeks old. Tonya is SOLD.


  Tonya now LuLu and her new family.   LuLu is living in Ohio.

 Dec. 1, 2017


Lulu and I went to the vet on the 18th. Everything was fine. They called back and said that everything in the stool sample was fine. She is finally getting the whole potty training thing figured out. She can sit and shake to. She is adapting well to the invisable fence. Lulu and her sister Ellie are getting along great. She doesn’t have to spend the night in the kennel anymore.

               LuLu and her sister Ellie playing at home.

                     LEXIE is now LUNA

                    Lexie at 24 days old.  Lexie is SOLD.

                     Lexie at 32 days old. Lexie is SOLD.

Lexie is a Tuxedo Standard Poodle. Lexie at 5 weeks old is SOLD.

   Lexie at 7 weeks old. Lexie is SOLD.


Lexie at 8 weeks old. Lexie is SOLD.

                  Lexie at 11 weeks old.  Lexie is SOLD.


Luna and her new mother and grandmother. Luna is now living in Wi.   She is living with her mom, and 4 children.

Nov. 21, 2017

Hello! We bought Luna(Lexie) a little over a week ago. She is doing awesome, and we love her!! We had her to the vet, she got her shot she was due for, and the vet said we got an awesome puppy! She sleeps with a different kiddo every night, and fits into our family so good! Thanks again for such a good puppy!!

  The 2 Parti Female Puppies.

                MELODY is now ZSA ZSA

Melody at 24 days old. She is a Parti Poodle. Melody is  Sold.

Melody at 32 days old. Melody is Sold.

Melody is a Parti Standard Poodle. Melody at 5 weeks is  Melodyis Sold.

Melody 7 weeks old.  Melody is Sold.


Melody at 8 weeks old. Melody is Sold.

Picture not available at this time.

ZhA is now living with her new family in Ohio.  And her brother Chance and her new older sister Martine. 

Zha Zha and Chance:   January 2019

Zha Zha is almost the same size as chance. she is doing well adjusting to her brother (Chance) and sister (Martine). She is a sweet girl and we love her very much. She has given our older girl Martine a new lease on life, and we are thankful for that. 🙂

zsa zsa,amy,& chance

Thank You for the beautiful pictures and update on Zha Zha and Chance.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hugs to you and your family!

Charlene & Terry

Merry Christmas 2019 from Chance and Zha Zha!!

Chance and Zha Zha December 25, 2019.

                                                 Zha Zha on December 25, 2019



                        Chance & Zha Zha January 13th 2021

20210113_101735Chance & Zha Zha 2021


ASA  is now Willow

Asa now Willow at 24 days old. Willow is a Parti Poodle.  Willow is SOLD.

         Asa now Willow at 32 days old. Willow is SOLD.

 Asa now Willow is a Standard Parti POODLE.  Willow is SOLD.


Willow and her new mother Melissa on her way home to meet her 2 new girls. Willow is  now living in Ohio.

          Willow in her big girl hair cutout 3 months old.


Willow at 4 months old. She got a new knuckle bone to celabrate her big day. 🙂

   December 2021 Christmas

Hello and Merry Christmas! Here is a picture of Willow all ready for Christmas. 


    The 3 Male Tuxedos Poodles:

TYLER is now Mellow

Tyler at 24 days old.  He is a Tuxedo Poodle. Tyler is SOLD.

                  Tyler at 32 days old. Tyler is SOLD.

Tyler is a Standard Tuxedo Poodle. Tyler at 5 weeks is SOLD.


Mellow and his new Mother Mary.  Mellow is living in Ohio. 

March 6, 2020

Dear Charlene and Terry,

 Gosh, I do hope this email finds you two enjoying life and good health. I have especially thought of you often in the past several months. A lot has happened since we last communicated.

I retired in May and have enjoyed the extra time with family and friends and with my two buddies: Mellow and Pepper, my cat. I want to also share what a blessing Mellow has been. What an incredible companion! Though I neglected his grooming save baths during this episode, I want you to enjoy the pictures below and to appreciate my deep gratitude for him.

 Gratefully, Mary

March 20, 2020

Hello Charlene,

 Please tell Terry that Mellow is 27″ and 72 lbs. What a beautiful (Irish) boy he is!❤


Dear Charlene and Terry, I hope this note finds you both well and enjoying life in spite of some of the challenges our world presents. Mellow and I are doing great as always. He enjoys my retirement as do I. COVID has turned my hair grey as you can see in the picture below with my grandson Quintin.
I have a close friend who wants to know if you know of any adult standard poodles up for adoption. She will be visiting me at Christmas time from her home in Washington DC. If you have any you are considering to adopt out or know of someone in the poodle world who has and adult standard, please let me know.
Hugs to you both and Happy Holidays,



ALEX is now Gus

Alex now Gus at 24 weeks old.  Alex is now Gus. Gus is SOLD.

                         Gus at 32 days old. Gus is SOLD.

Gus is a Standard Tuxedo Poodle. Gus at 5 weeks old. Gus is SOLD.

Pictures unavailable.

ZACK now Louie

Zack now Louie at 24 days old. He is a Tuxedo Poodle. Louie is  SOLD.

                  Zack now Louie at 32 days old. Louie is SOLD.

Zack now Louie is a Standard Tuxedo Poodle. Louie at 5 weeks old. Louie is SOLD.

Louie and some of his new family.. Louie is now living in PA.IMG_8753

                                Louie at home in Oct. 2017.IMG_1043

                                         Nov. 25th 2017. Louie

Hi Guys,

We were curious to know if you guys are planning on another litter or possibly placing an adult dog. We absolutely LOVE our Louie (attached) and are considering another one. 

Larry and family

Happy New Year from Louie !

Hope you guys have a great 2020. Louie is 2 1/2 now.  He is super affectionate and sweet. Last vet check, he was a healthy boy weighing in at 75lbs.

Larry and Family

Louie:  January 3 2020.

December 2021


Merry Christmas Terry and Charlene from the Jacksons!


Parents testing:

Flash & Bella were tested on 4/22/2015 By:  Vet Gen.    for Type 1 VON Willebrand’s Disease: RESULTS for Both:   CLEAR    of:                                     POODLE TYPE 1 vWD

Flash Hips 

Flash’s Hips  

Flash Hips: GOOD

Flash Hips: GOOD

Bella Hips.

Bella Hips.

Bella's Hips: GOOD

Bella’s Hips: GOOD

Flash Thyroid Test: CLEAR

Flash Thyroid Test:         NORMAL

Bella's Thyroid Test: NORMAL