2019 Puppies and New Owner.

Ziggy, Salvatore, and Sal’s friend Howard.

Ziggy, Salvadore, and Howard. Ziggy and his new Family.

Salvatore, and Howard getting to know Ziggy before leaving for home.

Ziggy and his new older brother Matteo relaxing at home in Ohio.

The red boy is Matteo.  He’s been very good with Ziggy.   We’re all amazed at how smart little Ziggy is.   He goes to the vet on Monday so I’ll report back then.

The vet remarked that you had a done an excellent job with him.  He weighed in at 17.8 lbs.

Here’s another picture.

Hope all is well,


Sal, Thank You so much for the pictures and updates on Ziggy and how he is adjusting to his new big brother Matteo!!  Hugs!!

Terry & Charlene

Sept.13 2019

Hi Terry and Charlene

I hope you and the dogs are well.  Ziggy and Matteo got matching haircuts yesterday.  Thought you might enjoy a picture.  The look may be a bit too adult for Ziggy, but I don’t think he minds.

All the best!



Ziggy and Matteo in their big boy hair cuts!!

Thank You, for the update on Ziggy and Matteo. They are too cute!!

 Hugs to all,

Merry Christmas from Ziggy!  Dec. 2019.

Dear Terry and Charlene,

Thank you for the Christmas card!  I’m attaching pictures of Ziggy’s first Christmas – even though it hasn’t yet arrived.

Ziggy is growing quickly and is a real delight.  Thank you for provided us so much joy by letting us adopt him.

I wish you a blessed holiday season!

Warm regards,


Lola 1, Margy, and Molly ready for their trip Home.

 Lola 1 will be living in West Verginia.

Molly, Margy, and Lola 1.

Margy and her daughter Molly bonding with Lola 1.

**UPdate on Lola 1 on her 1st day. 8/20/19.**

She is doing so well, I just love her so much.  I never dreamed a puppy could be so smart.  I show her something once and she gets it.  Potty training is going fabulous, one night she even barked so I could take her outside.  I hope her siblings are doing equally as well,  talk to you Friday when we get home.  🐩❤️Margy

**Update on Lola 1  on 8/23/19**

Hi Terry and Charlene,

Lola just came from the vet, everything is just fine .  The vet kept commenting on how big she was.   He said he has seen tall standards but they are fine boned with long skinny bodies and legs.  He feels she is going to be an exceptionally big solid girl.  She weighed 19 pounds, maybe a pinch more. I had a hard time keeping her on the scale once she spotted the other dogs.  She is still doing wonderful and has a strong bond with the boys.  I will send pictures in a few weeks so you can see how much she is changing.

Sincerely,   Margy


Thank You for the updates on Lola and how she is adjusting to her new older brothers!! Hugs,

Terry & Charlene

Sept. 7th 2019.

I am terrible at pictures , hopefully when Molly comes home I can get some better shots.  Lola and her brothers play non stop.  She is as tall as Gus ( the bulldog) right now and is getting hard to tote around.  I have continued her obedience lessons which she masters effortlessly.   I love this little black ball of curls more than I can tell you.   She melts everyone’s heart with her sweet personality and her cute antics.

Sincerely, Margy

Thank You so much for the beautiful pictures and update on  Lola 1.

I think you take great pictures! Hugs to everyone. Thank You for the Update!!

Hugs to all,

Terry & Charlene

Sept 19,2019

Hi Terry and Charlene,

Just wanted to let you know Lola had her vaccinations and the vet says she is doing wonderful. My little girl is growing so fast!  She is 29lb 8 oz at 13 weeks. She is one confident girl who melts my heart every day.  I still can’t get everyone to sit still long enough for a group picture but the boys love her dearly. I just wanted you to know how well she is doing and I will send pictures soon!


 Margy, Thank You for the update on Lola1. We really appreciate getting the update on how your new family member is adjusting to her new home. And love to hear how much she has grown and what your vet has to say about our puppies.

Hugs to all,

Terry & Charlene

UPDATE in Lola 1: Oct, 10th 2019

Hope everyone is doing well!  Lola had her 16 wk final puppy shots and check up.  The vet loved the way she is maturing, everything was perfect!  She weighed in at almost 40 lbs and  is absolutely stunning.  Will send pictures soon!  She amazes me everyday with her intelligence and we will soon be starting her formal obedience training now that all her shots have been completed.  Take care and I will keep you updated!

Thank You Margy for the update on Lola!!  Hugs to all!!

Terry & Charlene

March 15, 2020

  Just wanted to say hello, hope all is well in Ohio.   Lola is still growing and it amazes me how much she changes every month. This one of the few seconds she was still enough to take a picture.  She is absolutely stunning,  so many people stop me just to see her when we go for walks.  She is the star at obedience class and learns everything so quickly.   Right now we are staying home as much as possible and hoping everything will soon be normal again.  Take care.

Margy and Lola. 

November 13th 2020

 Lola is doing really well and has started back with her obedience schooling. She is now over a year and I have been thinking about getting her a brother.   I am in no rush but wanted to inquire about breedings you anticipate in the future.   
Thank you,  Margy

Lola was out in the yard playing with the boys!   I am regrowing her tail, it had a spot missing so I clipped it down to regrow evenly.




Maisy, Angie, and Larry ready for their trip home.


Angie, Larry and Maisy getting to know each other before their trip home.


Angie, Larry bonding with Maisy.

**Update on Maisy and her trip home.

Maisy did great!

She dupahed on our first pit stop. She is an excellent traveler. She didn’t get sick at all!

I’ll be in touch tomorrow with an update of her first night.

Thank you again….. we love her so much!

Angie and Larry

**Update on Maisy and her 1st night.**

Good morning Charlene and Terry!

What a great morning it has been!

Maisy woke up this morning and I took her outside to do her “business” and she was a natural! Thank you Charlene for your excellent training – – it was a breeze!

She didn’t whimper or cry at all during the night. It was like she was home instantly.

Oscar, her older brother didn’t know exactly what happened to his world when we brought Maisy in the house. He was curious and so was she. They have bonded and love to play, he even brought Maisy her rope toy this morning. I told him to drop it and to sit, and to my pleasant surprise, Maisy sat first, lol!!!

Her manners are wonderful! Thank you again for the excellent training and love you have given her! She comes, sits, and downs on que! Last evening Larry had Oscar in another room and I asked Maisy to sit (she did), and I heard Larry laughing and he said that Oscar sat as well!

We can’t thank you enough for doing what you do with this breed! Maisy is so loving, tender, and smart ~ wonderful breeding!

We will keep you updated and will send pictures.

Hugs and love,
Angie & Larry


Maisy with her family and her new older brother Oscar at home in Ohio. Oscar is a Giant Schnauzer.


Angie & Larry, Thank You so much for the update on Maisy and how she is adjusting to her older brother Oscar. Hugs!!

Terry & Charlene

Aug 29th 2019 update on Maisy.

Hi everyone!!!!

We took Maisy into our vet today for her check up. THEY LOVED HER!

She weighs 14 pounds. They trimmed her nails and did so well with that.

She never gets me up through the night! She pottys well, does her commands, and plays!

Love her to pieces. I’ll get some more pics to you this weekend!




Maisy at the vets.


Sept 3rd. 2019

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, here are a few pictures!

We were really busy, so we didn’t take as many as I wanted.

This weekend the grandkids are coming so I’ll make sure I get some really good ones for you.

Maisy is doing well! She loves to play with Oscar. He doesn’t know what to think, lol.

I’ll update later! Have a blessed week.



Angie and Larry

Sept. 13th 2019

Hello Charlene and Terry!

It’s been a busy week again around here!

Our furbabies keep us hopping, lol.

She’s giving her brother a run for his money… he has long legs and she loves nipping on them as he walks by, everytime! Then the chase is on, lol.

The 3 grandkids love her! Their ages are 5 almost 6, 2 almost 3, and 8 months.

Attached is a picture of our oldest daughter and her kids… taken last weekend.



Angie, Larry, Maisy and Oscar 


Thank You, for the beautiful picture of your extended family and Maisey!!

Hugs to all,

Charlene & Terry

Sept. 20,1920



Maisy went back to our vet today for her boosters, she did great!

She weights 24 pounds. The vet says she’s going to be a big girl.

She loves baths! She looks totally different with wet fur.

This is a picture of Maisy on her way to the vet office.

The grandkids are coming Sunday and can’t wait to see her again.

Have a great weekend and thank you so much for bringing Maisy into our family!





Thank You for the update on Maisy and her weight at 13 weeks. We are so happy to hear how well she is doing. Have fun with the grandkids, Maisy, and Oscar.

Hugs to all,

Terry & Charlene

Oct. 29th,2019

Hi Chapins!

We wanted to give you an update on Maisy!

Took her to the vet for her last shots today, she weighs 36.6!!!

The vet is very pleased with her weight and her overall health!

She loves everyone and our groomer is so happy to work with Maisy, she used to raise standards poodles years and years ago.  She spends extra time with Maisy and she is head over heels in love with her.  Maisy got groomed 2 weeks ago and Larry and I had a Halloween party for our kids and grandkids so we had her nails painted orange for the festivities!

Cora had to go with me to pick her up and as you can see by the picture, they love each other!

We took Maisy and Oscar for a walk in our county nature reserve yesterday, the weather was gorgeous.

We hope you both are doing well!

Have a blessed week.


Angie and Larry Kaiser, Oscar and Maisy.

Happy New Year! 2020.

We hope you both are doing well and you had a great holiday season.

Larry, Angie, Oscar and Maisy, Christmas Eve 2019.



Here’s a picture from Christmas Eve 2019.

Hugs and blessings,

Larry and Angie

Maisy and Oscar.

January 2020

Hi there!

Hope you’re doing well !!
Just wanted to show off Maisy’s fresh grooming! We love her to pieces!
Have a great and blessed week.
Angie & Dave, Maisy & Oscar.

Maisy, Dave & Oscar, Happy New Year!

December 2021 Christmas

Merry Christmas to you!!!


Here is Maisy and of course, Oscar!! They are so close!
The Christmas tree is one of Larry’s auction finds last year!
Merry Christmas and a healthy and blessed New Year!

Angie, Larry, Maisy & Oscar



Angie, and Larry,

I Love the tree!! Thank you for the  beautiful  Christmas pictures of you canine children. 🐩 ❣️

December 28th 2021


Here’s another pic….

Dad said they were all getting stir crazy inside so it was a play day in the rain!

2 more weeks then she’s back to the groomers.

Hugs, Angie, Larry,

Baxter name is now ** George**

Terri, Jonny, and George bonding before their trip home to Kentucky.

**Update on George’s trip home.**

Glad to hear your feeding schedule.  Much the same as what we do so that is easy.  I am amazed at how well he traveled.  We did have one episode when we stopped to eat lunch.  He got sick at his stomach and I was most appreciative of the paper towels and windex.  The rest of the time he was a real trooper.  He is so calm and totally at ease.  Normally you expect a transition period for him to adjust to us but he acts as this is where he has always been.  He has met Deuce and they seem as if they will be best friends.   I can certainly tell you have invested a lot of your time socializing your puppies.  I don’t remember every seeing a new puppy so at ease in new surroundings.  I will keep in touch as we continue to settle in.



Update on George:

Hi Charlene and Terry,

Thank you for the pictures.  George is still doing great.  We could not ask for a sweeter puppy.  He is so affectionate.  He had his wellness check today and he did great.  He weighed 19# 4 oz.  Everybody loved him and took pictures and even videoed him while microchipping for a Facebook promo for microchips.    We are still amazed at his wonderful, layed back, loving personality.  Will keep you updated!



Terri & Jonny,

Thank You for the update on George. And how much he weighs and how his wellness checkup went.

Hugs to all!

Terry & Charlene

Sept. 22, 2019

Hope all is well with both of you.  Just checking in to let you know George is doing great.  We had our second visit to our vet this week for boosters.  He weighed in at 27# 4 oz.   He is such a sweet puppy and plays tirelessly with Deuce.  They are best buds.  I have to admit I’d forgotten how mich energy these new pups take.  A week ago I had my 1 year old grandson for 3 days.  I told Johnny it was like having 2 babies❤️❤️.  All did well.  Just busy!

Will keep you posted but just wanted you to know he is doing well and is much loved!

Take care,



Thank You for the update on George and his brother Deuce!! We are excited to hear that George is adjusting so well to his home with you, Jonny, Deuce ,and your grandchildren.  Yes young puppies are just like having another baby❤️ but at the same time so much fun!!

Hugs to all,

Terry & Charlene


Merry Christmas to you!  
Recently had you on my mind.  Wanted to let you know what a sweet dog George is.  He is still full of energy but really settled into a wonderful part of the family.  We could not ask for a sweeter dog which is always our number one concern with any dog in our home.  He and Deuce are best buddies.
The grandchildren all love him!   Keep me informed if you breed again.  I do watch your website.  My daughter may be looking in the future.  For now I am good with my two but always interested if the time comes in the future.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

December 2021 Christmas update:

Merry Christmas to you!  
Recently had you on my mind.  Wanted to let you know what a sweet dog George is.  He is still full of energy but really settled into a wonderful part of the family.  We could not ask for a sweeter dog which is always our number one concern with any dog in our home.  He and Deuce are best buddies.
The grandchildren all love him!   Keep me informed if you breed again.  I do watch your website.  My daughter may be looking in the future.  For now I am good with my two but always interested if the time comes in the future.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!