Announcing Our New Breeding June 2022

Royal Poodle Puppy Breeding


💞🐩August 21, 2022: LOLA’S 9 PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED🐩💞

We have 5 Males and 4 Female Puppies!!

Lola and her puppies at 6 days.

To see pictures of Flash & Lola’s last litter go to: Flash & Lola’s Litter has arrived February 2022.”

Flash is 27 in. at the withers and weighs 75lbs. Lola is 27in. at the withers and weighs 82 lbs. now.

We have started a waitlist at this time if you are interested in joining our waitlist please give us a phone call. Our phone number is 330-889-2428. We do not require a deposit at the time your name is added to our waitlist. Puppies are chosen by the way your name goes onto our waitlist.