💞Royal Flash & Royal Lola’s August 21, 2022💞Royal Standard Poodle-Available Puppies💞

August 30th 2022:

Picture’s of our 4 Royal Females at 9 days old.

Orange Yarn Royal Female Is:

Kayla is now “Liberty”

Liberty is SOLD!!

Royal Standard Puppy Kayla.

Kayla is now Liberty!!



Royal Kayla at 6 weeks.

Kayla is now Royal LIBERTY!!

Currently :


Royal Liberty 8 weeks

Liberty weighs 15.8 Lbs.


Royal Liberty leaving for home with her new Family.

Liberty will be living in Oh.

Liberty & her brother and new best friend Mace. On day one at her new home.

Liberty at 11 wks old at home in Ohio.

Dec 14th 2022: Liberty.

Sister Love!!!

January 21, 2023: Update Liberty is 4 Months old.

Liberty turned 5 months old yesterday! She’s 38 lbs, and taller than our Pit Bull now. She goes to the door to go outside, she can sit, shake, lay down, and roll over! Thank you so much for her she is the perfect fit in our family. ❤️

Hot Pink Royal Female is :

Royal Standard Puppy Ellie is now “Olive



Royal Ellie at 6 weeks.

Ellie is now


currently: SOLD!!

Royal Olive 8 wks: SOLD!!

Royal Olive and her New Family.

Olive headed home in Oh.

Olive is doing great! She had a vet appointment Friday and did well. She weighs 21 lbs now at 12 weeks.

Give her as hug from us..

Will do! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for our beautiful pup and for you bringing both of our dogs into our lives!

Yellow Yarn Royal Female is:


Darla is a Royal Standard Puppy.
Darla is currently:


Royal Darla at 6 weeks.

Darla is currently:


Darla at 10 weeks old.

Darla weighs 15.2 lbs. now.

Darla Update: Darla is 4 months old.

January 30,2023: update Darla.

Darla is doing well. She knows her come and off command, sit, down, shake, give me 5 command. We are working on her wait command.and reinforcing her come command. She loves to give hugs. And play with her toys.

White Royal Female is: SOLD!!

Star is a Royal Standard Puppy.

Star is now “Delilah



Royal Star at 6 weeks.

Star is now Delilah.


Royal Star at 8 weeks.

Star now Delilah weighs 16 lbs. at 8 weeks.

Royal Star now Delilah leaving for Ne. with Brandy Owner of Coast2Coast Ground Transport.

Royal Star now Delilah & Amy home in Ne.

Nov. 27,2022: Update Delilah 13 wks.

Good morning!☀️🌞

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are sitting pretty for our treats this morning 😋Delilah and Mits. 

December 2022: Update Delilah.

January 2023.

Delilah Is now known as PERAL!!

Picture’s of our 5 Royal Male Puppies at 9 days old.

1st Born Royal Black Male is:


Royal Standard Poodle Puppy Samson is currently:


Royal Samson at 6 weeks.
Samson is currently:


Samson now “ARGOS” WEIGHS 30 LBS AT 12 WEEKS.

Argos Is now SOLD!!

NOV. 27, 2022: Argos and his new family leaving for home.

Argos will be living in NJ. Argos is

30 LBS at 12 weeks.

Lola (Argos mom) meeting Cecilia Argos new owner.

Argos Update: December 18th, 2022.

Just wanted to say hi and happy holidays to you. 

My new favorite toy! 


Royal Lime Green Royal Male is:


Royal Standard Poodle Puppy

Bruce is now KINGSTON



Royal Bruce now “Kingston” at 6 weeks.

Kingston is currently:


Royal Kingston at 9 weeks .

Kingston weighs 17.2 lbs at 9 weeks.

Kingston & Family with sister Roxy.

Roxy was purchased by Scott senior in 2020. Roxy is a Chapin Standard Poodle.

Roxy & Scott Jr. are a hunting team.

Kingston will be trained in hunting and join Scott and Roxy’s hunting team. They are living in N.J.

Kingston at home in NJ.

With Scott & sister Roxy

Kingston at 11 wks.

At home in NJ. With Scott & Roxy.

Good morning Charlene and Terry

Kingston and Roxy are enjoying the morning on the patio.

He’s a beautiful little pup.



Royal White Royal Male is :


Royal Standard Puppy Mika.
Mika is currently: SOLD!!

Mika is now: JOEY
Joey is SOLD!!

Royal Joey at 6 weeks.

Joey is Currently: SOLD!!

Joey at 6 weeks. Joey is SOLD!!

Royal Joey at 8 weeks.

Joey weighs 18 Lbs. at 8 weeks.

Bob, Ann & Joey leaving for home.

Joey will be living in Mi.

Bob & Joey relaxing watching Tv day one.

A quick note to let you both know that the trip went well and Joey was a great traveler. He slept most of the time and loved cuddling. The cat intro went well. I put him in a play pen with his food, water, blanket, and ball and he and the cat tolerated each other from a distance. Joey was a little confused about this new species 😊. He has done well with the potty training. Thus far the same spot outside is working. He loves the leaves on the lawn. Thank you both for all you have done to make this transition seamless. In the next few weeks I will send you a “testimonial” with photos. In the meantime sending a photo of Bob and Joey watching TV after dinner. 🐩❤️

Nov. 23, 2022. Update Joey

As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to take this opportunity to thank you from the depth of our hearts for our precious Joey. It is obvious that from the start of his life that you showered him with love and impeccable care.

Photos – the older poodle is our best friends’ poodle named Poppilou – the picture with him was taken 2 weeks ago.  Joey has grown considerably since then.

Dear Charlene and Terry

Joey is very sweet and extremely smart!  Everyone who meets him (including his veterinarian) comments on how amazingly mellow and well-adjusted he is and they comment about his size as he is growing at a fast pace.  We plan to enroll him in training next month after he receives his last puppy vaccine. In the meantime, we are working on recall and sit/stay. He and our cat Mikey are tolerating and very respectful of each other, which is quite amusing at times and more than we could have ever hoped for! Mikey enjoys all the new toys he is getting because when friends visit they bring the cat toys as well as Joey!

In closing, wishing you both a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving. Thank you again for all you do to ensure the quality and integrity of your breeding program and for loving our Joey before he became ours! 

Kindest regards,

Anna and Bob

Joey: Update: Dec. 2022.

Hello to both of you. Hope all is well. 
As you can see our Joey is growing up fast. In fact he’s already outgrown his medium size crate and we ordered a 48 inch crate and don’t even use the divider. He got his final vaccines this past week. He starts formal training January 3; and has his first full grooming on January 4th. Joey is a sweet and very happy and playful boy. As I mentioned we are doing remodeling on our home so there are workers here frequently. All are amazed at how sweet and mellow he is. The same is true when we take him places. In closing. We wish you all the best in the new year and we thank you for this precious boy ❤️♥️
PS. Joey loves the snow!!  He doesn’t understand that he and I cannot stay out long in this freezing weather. 😄😄
Kindest regards
Anna and Bob 

Royal Tuxedo Male is :


Tuxedo Male’s name is now:

Kai”name is now “ZEKE”

Kai is a Tuxedo Royal Poodle Puppy.

Kai now ZEKE is currently:


Royal Kai is 6 weeks.

Kai now ZEKE is currently SOLD!!

Kai is now: “Zeke

Zeke at 8 Weeks.

Zeke Weighs 20lbs at 8 weeks.

Royal Zeke and Michael on their way home to Fl.

Zeke at 11 wks. Weighs 27.4 lbs.

Good evening,

I wanted to share some updated photos of Zeke. These were taken today after his puppy trim. He currently weighs 27.4 pounds. 


Zeke at 15 weeks old. Zeke weighs 33.8lbs. Now.

Zeke’ s Christmas Picture. Dec.11th 2022. Zeke weighs 40.2 lbs.

January 2023: Update Zeke.

Took these photos of Zeke today and he weighs 49.6 lbs.

Royal Parti Male is :


Royal Standard Poodle Puppy Cooper.

Cooper is currently:

Royal Cooper at 6 weeks.

Cooper is Currently: SOLD!!

Louis, Lois and Royal Cooper at 8 weeks on their way home to NY.

Cooper weighed 17.4 lbs. at 8 weeks old.

Cooper: Update December 2022.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lou, Lois and Cooper.

Cooper is 4 months old now. And He weighs 40lbs.

The Parents:

Flash & Lola

Royal Flash is 27 in at the withers and 75 lbs. Royal Lola is 27 in at the withers and 85 lbs.

August 21st 2022
💞🐩 Royal Lola and her new Puppies🐩💞

We have 5 Royal Males Puppies and 4 Royal Females Puppies.

August 28th 2022.

Lola our royal standard female and her new royal standard Puppies at 6 days old.

Royal Standard “Lola”and her Large puppies are doing well.
Everyone is growing and gaining weight beautifully. They are all starting to creep and jostle around for their favorite feeding position.